“Utilizamos what bunnies!” March 23 – puppy Day

This festival is celebrated for 10 year in a row, and interesting, even the history of its origin.

Expert cynologist of the USA, Colleen Paige (who is also the author of the celebration of National dog day and National cat day in the USA) wanted to draw attention to how many puppies find themselves on the street after the owners of a couple of days to play with them.

Suddenly it turns out that it smells to spell, wants to eat and wants to sharpen its teeth. It turns out that the puppy you’ve listened to, you need to spend a lot of days for training. It turns out that the puppy is not a stuffed toy. In this way a living entity is, at best, in the shelter, and at worst simply on the street.

In order to mi-mi-Mishnah puppy has grown a loyal friend, it is necessary that the owner originally was a friend of his dog. And they’re awesome, of course.

Utilizamos what bunnies!

Puppy Newfoundland


In his paws, still confused, but ears erect


He’s a really born a dog ulybakoy


– Look at me. I’m not asking for much. Come play with me at least three hours.


– Sorry, but this is exactly the Red Square?


It turns out that people also have leashes?


When you eat krossovok the owner, the main thing – to pretend that it’s as if you’re not…


– I’m still very small, but very German shepherd…


– To understand? To forgive?


One of us bought in the toy store. Only one


– Mom said to come down the stairs – it’s not scary


– Mom said so, right


We can protect you from any attacks. In addition to sleep attacks


– Sorry, but you are here my ball?


The guys on my team with the right paw starts to dance the cancan!

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