The most unusual Pets

Pet for the average person is usually a lovely cat, loyal dog, teeth cheeks the hamster, a parrot or a cowardly rabbit. Indeed, this is the most domesticated animals, is not able to bring the man any harm and is not very demanding in care, while other animals from the wild are not able to get used to living together with a man. But people – being stubborn. Ready to do the impossible and to teach neprichem.

Let’s get together with Womie know who give birth at home besides the standard cats and dogs and what it can mean for humans.

Exotic Pets

As a fashionable home pet, very popular in USA and in African countries are crocodiles. Can you imagine? While they are small, they are kept in aquariums and then move to pools. And no matter how many met accidents associated with the failed relationships of a crocodile and a human, people continue to keep them at home.

In the house of lovers of the exotic frequently appear iguanas. They, of course, safer crocodiles at times. Sufficiently large in size and there are many large pet stores. It should be noted that iguanas require special care, they are quite expensive, as the purchase and maintenance.
Snakes were one of the first exotic animals that appeared in the house of a man. Contain them in a terrarium or a special pool (water snakes). The pet products industry today offers a huge selection snakes of various species. It should be understood that contain reptiles are very difficult and expensive, but worth a try if you are foreign affectionate Pets, constantly demanding attention and your affection.

Pets: wildlife at home

It is not clear why, but people trying to teach even beavers! Next to the house for them, build cages to observe how they live and how they build their dam. They create conditions close to natural. However, bondage is bondage. Not as beavers animals safe as you might think. They are also aggressive and unpredictable.

It is proved that a Fox is an animal that will never be able to bond with people. However, the man did not stop. Today you can make a home a Fox like a dog. She is even quite friendly to humans, but in the wild, she will feel much more comfortable. If you release it into the wild, the Fox immediately turned into a wild child of nature.

Special love people have for the wild cats: tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs and reed cats. Cute and funny in childhood, they grow up to be wild animals with natural instincts. Often these Pets hurt their masters, not realizing their size, and with all their strength.

The domestication of the wolf at the time led to the emergence near a dog person. A successful experiment in transforming the wolf into a loyal pet is conducted in the 21st century the Lander a sarloos passed away and his family, led to the emergence of a unique breed – Karlovsky wolf dog. It turned out by crossing a Russian wolf and German shepherd. Saarloos wolfhond – some of the most expensive dogs today, thanks to his endurance and loyalty to man.

And in China today it is possible to rent a real Panda! Rent period bamboo bear – 10 years. And to pay for this miracle will be $ 1 million per year. To breed pandas is incredibly difficult, but nice. Every newborn is registered as property of China.

This is not a complete list of the animals that man is trying to subdue. But many of them are just not able to become home. There are many cases when a pet is unconsciously hurting his master. And to blame only the man who imagines himself the master of the world. Don’t be arrogant and zoologically illiterate! Some people do better without us.

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