The Egyptian Mau is a cat of pharaohs

Much that is connected with the history of Ancient Egypt, is still veiled in mystery: the mysterious pyramids, powerful pharaohs, treasures of tombs, sphinxes, the Sands of time… No less mysterious and breed cats of the pharaohs “Egyptian Mau,” or, as it is called by some sources – the Egyptian Mau. Images of cats of this breed (“Mau” and translates as “cat”) decorated the walls of the ancient pyramids of Egypt. In General, in Egypt cats were sacred animals.

Cats in Ancient Egypt
The first written records about cats Egyptian Mau belong to the fifth century BC, and the author of these references is the Greek historian Herodotus (he does a lot of what told the world). Herodotus reports that even three thousand years BC, every Egyptian held in his house cat. However, as they were, Herodotus says.

The fact of the large number of domestic cats in Ancient Egypt is not surprising. It is well known that cats out there appreciated and respected. For these sacred animals the Egyptians treated with divine reverence. The temples were full of statues of the goddess bast and the cat Bastet. And the Supreme God RA was often depicted in the form of a Great Cat. To the present day preserved the image of a red cat (God Sun), with a knife cut the head off the snake. Yes, and the original appearance of the Sun in Egyptian mythology – the Cheetah (also a cat).

Even the death of Pets was accompanied by a sacred ritual. When the cat died it was mummified. Mummies of cats were made in gold and silver sarcophagus, inlaid with precious stones. During archaeological excavations in the town of Beni Hasan had discovered a graveyard full of cats with the graves of one hundred and eighty thousand(!) mummies of cats. It is also known that the owners as a sign of mourning for his dead cat shaved eyebrows and wore a long mourning.

The history of the breed
Its long pedigree exotic cat Egyptian Mau leads from the great cats of the pharaohs. This is a very old breed, formed in the result of natural selection. The appearance of Mau cats practically has not changed much over more than three thousand years. A very, very long time, this ancient breed has been preserved only in their homeland. And the modern breed cats of the pharaohs began a hundred years ago.

To recreate the breed Egyptian Mau conceived European breeders. But the first results of a reconstruction of the breed was “frustrated” during the second world war. The second attempt ended with success, was undertaken in the fifties of the Russian Princess Natalia troubetzkoy, who lived in Italy. The Duchess was the owner of two cats Mau (HEPA and Lugol), imported from Egypt. Trubetskaya registered their Association in FIFe, and after immigration to the United States founded the kennel “Fatima”. As a result of long and painstaking work of the American breeders Egyptian Mau was recognized as an official breed by the CFA in 1977.

In Europe, these cats were brought in 1988, and in Russia they first came in the summer of 2010. Purchased Polina Gorelkina, the owner of the kennel “EgyptSila” (Holy).

The appearance of the cat of the pharaohs
Egyptian Mau – the leopard in miniature. Her way is called: leopard for the living room. But dark spots are not the only markings on the coat. The distinguishing feature of these cat bracelets and necklaces. Necklaces – contrast stripes around the neck, and bracelets of the semicircles on the upper part of the front legs. In addition, a real cat Pharaoh marked with the sign of the scarab. It’s a dark pattern, W-shaped, are located at ear level, connected with “the letter” M ” above the eyes.

And the eyes… the eyes of the Egyptian cats exclusively green, large and almond-shaped. Like a true Egyptian Ancient Egypt, the cat of Pharaoh is “makeup goddess”: the two long arrows, which emphasize the eyes and through the cheeks for whiskey.

Another unusual feature of the exterior of cats of breed the Egyptian Mau – small folds-bags in front of the rear legs. It is considered that these folds hanging under the belly, you need to swing the hind legs when sprinting and high jumping.

The breed standard
Egyptian Mau – type of cats, which resembles the Abyssinian. Standard CFA has the following requirements to the breed.

  • Addition strong and muscular, with well developed bones
  • The ears are high and wide-set, medium or large size, acute at the ends, sometimes with tassels.
  • Eyes almond shaped, large, green gooseberries are slightly obliquely toward the ears.
  • The coat is short or medium length, shiny, thick and silky.
  • The color of three types: silver, bronze, smoky.
  • Markings: dark spots, a sign of the scarab, “Eastern up”.

Disqualifying characteristics breed Egyptian Mau: no distinctive markings, yellow eyes.

Character cats of the pharaohs
Egyptian Mau special is not only his pedigree and eye-catching appearance. Also it is peculiar and distinctive (sometimes contradictory) qualities of character. For example, cats of this breed at the same time independent and loyal to their owners, balanced and passionate.
Cat Mau is very energetic. They love walks, and even agree for this purpose, to wear a collar or harness. They are mobile and flexible, playful and sociable, can not stand loneliness. Have melodic and expressive voice that you can recognize the emotions and mood of the animal.

Like all cats of Mau are not devoid of desire sweet afternoon NAP or soak in the lap of the owner. While they are unobtrusive and always feel it is people to such communication or not. In excess of joyful emotions cat jump on the front (!) paws, wagging his tail so fast that it is impossible to discern.

Caring for a cat
Like all Pets cats Egyptian Mau require attention and care by the owner. And especially the care needs of her lovely hair. These cats are useful even just caress, not to mention the fact that they need constant combing hair: it both helps to remove the dead hair. For daily brushing need a special comb with frequent teeth, and periodic more intensive combing – rubber brush. In addition it is also useful to Polish the coat is soft suede, nylon or silk handkerchief.

Hygiene treatment involves removing excess ear secret, trimming nails and bathing the animal as needed. It should also monitor the condition of the teeth, and the health of cats in General.

Interesting facts

  • In heat cats can make such loud sounds that you cannot hear each other.
  • According to the rules of breeding and breed standards, Mau can’t interbreed with cats of other breeds.
  • Mau the fastest of all the cats: they are able to reach speeds of almost 60 km/h.
  • Mau are carrying babies much longer than other cats: pregnancy lasts until seventy-three days.
  • Prone to overeating and can suffer from obesity.


Egyptian Mau – cat breed is still very small, and therefore still rare and expensive. Mainly the representatives of this breed live in the United States, but also has a cattery Mau and in Europe (Germany, Italy, Holland, France). In Russia, there is only one cattery Egyptian Mau, which is located in Moscow region and is called the “Egyptian power.” So buy this rare cat is difficult enough, but, according to the true connoisseurs of the breed, this cat worth the money.

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