Talking parrots: breed and their ability

Start a home bird-talker – not a new idea, and not even original. But the desire to have that “interlocutor” is quite clear. And it’s fashionable (and fashionably at all times), interesting, and exciting. Here are just a breed of parrots are so diverse that to make a choice in favor of any particular quite difficult. Some of them are more affordable, there are many exotic appearance, while others disarm unique abilities to simulate. And choose the “my” Mockingbird is really easy. But let’s try to do it. So, talking parrots: breeds and abilities.

The most capable
The list of species of talking parrots rightly tops grey Jaco. It is, of course, not as bright as others, but abilities is unrivaled. Parrots of this species in unable to learn more than hundreds of words and even phrases. Apart from the rich vocabulary they still have the ability to simulate the timbre of the voice, intonations of the speaker, and vocal data. Yes, do not be surprised: Jaco is able to remember and whistle simple tunes. Speaking of Jaco is easily confused (by ear, of course) with a talking person!

In the content of particular problems Jacko does not deliver, but has a complex character. He spent a long time getting used to the new environment, does not forgive insults, tend to win the leadership position, noisy and restless. Prefers to move around the house on foot, likes to show the bad mood and to hold a grudge. But if the owner finds to this bird “common language”, affectionate and patient, Jacko always reciprocated.

Next on the list are Amazon. Varieties of this breed more than twenty, but the most common sinilarly, the Cuban, the Venezuelan. It is a striking bird screaming green color with white, blue, yellow, or red markings. It is believed that they are the most easily trainable among all parrots. In addition, Amazon is able to beat the record for the number of learned words, and they pronounce them clearly enough. But intonation and tone of voice… That they can not afford.

In General, tamed Amazon easily, adapt quickly, are calm, don’t make trouble. If the family has children, all parrots should choose Amazon. The only drawback is the increased requirements for comfort (Amazon worse tolerate drafts. But they are very affectionate to people.

Cockatoos are smaller of the previous species. Thanks to its rich plumage, a cheerful disposition, stamina and unpretentiousness of these parrots have become one of the most popular breeds. Besides, they begin to talk quickly, words are pronounced clearly, able to mimic the style of speech of different people and to whistle the tunes of songs. They are good-natured and gentle with the owners, unpretentious and responsive to affection.

However, their level of affection sometimes borders on tyranny. For example, domesticated cockatoos will constantly demand attention from you, bringing his loud and persistent shouting. In the absence of the owner of these parrots get bored and depressed, without it (freedom) can even die. So relax in silence and tranquility will have to forget, yet your house will live an energetic and eccentric (and very loving to fly around the apartment) cockatoo.

Macaw (Arara) – the most intellectual talker among all parrots speak. Vocabulary of representatives of this breed are small (no more than twenty words), but they say they are clean, and most importantly – “in the subject.” That is exactly ary associative most capable of “speaking”. They are better than other parrots consciously associate the events with specific words from your vocabulary. Outsider this ability might just come as a shock, because the impression that the parrot really understands all that speaks and pronounces words and phrases deliberately.

Outwardly, everything is very ary effects: they have bright feathers and strongly hooked beak – a real “parrot” look. With all this, these birds behave with dignity. They are quiet, don’t shout for no reason, and graceful movements in and low maintenance. It’s really smart birds, almost no drawbacks. The only obstacle to the acquisition may be the cost. But it is clear: the better the quality, the more expensive the product.

Just able

  • Lori parrots able to mimic human speech and other sounds even without special training, but students are considered to be capable of. It is a small and very bright parrots with a friendly nature, which are also easily tamed. However, keep them at home is problematic, as this type of parrots is selective in food. Loricati parrots from the same group, is also unusually bright coloring and is also capable of learning. They can learn up to fifty words, but they cannot clearly say.
  • Eclectus. Large, easily tamed parrot with bright exotic appearance. Eclectus also capable of learning, but speaks worse than other breeds. Care relatively whimsical, but has a smooth character and is perfect as a family pet, a beautiful but not very talkative.
  • Lovebirds, Rosella and cockatiels make a list of breeds talking parrots. A few words they can learn, but learning is not particularly strong. So keep them in the house solely for aesthetic reasons. However, among the representatives of those breeds can meet quite capable, and even talented individuals.

About this species of talking parrots should be discussed separately. And it must be done for one simple reason. In the absence of sufficient funds to purchase a large parrot exotic species, it is possible to pay attention to these kids. Budgie quite cope with the role of home feathered “speaker”. Despite the fact that the words say very clearly they are not, these birds-of nevelichka able to impress your vocabulary.

Trained budgerigars readily “talk” too happy. In addition to our Fatherland is the most common species of talking parrots. Their small size, they not only live long in captivity (about twenty years), but fine breed, and do not require any special conditions. They are easily tamed, are perfectly adapted to any environment, I love to fly and play. And the joy of their masters bring nothing less than an expensive and rare breed of talking parrots.

So knowing what breed parrots talk and how pronounced ability to simulate have, don’t hurry to spend money on the most expensive instances. Note that among the representatives of any breed can meet as gifted copies and mediocrity. So much of the success will depend on the birds, something, and something from Providence.

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