Sphynx cat: care & content features

The Sphinx cat is very unusual and still unusual for us. Her shocking appearance cause either the rejection or delight. One thing is certain: indifferent to the Sphinx as it is! The lucky owners of these exotic cats say that life is divided into two periods: to a Sphinx and after his appearance in the house. How do they win the hearts of their owners? Let’s try to understand. And also consider what is the care for these exotic Pets is if it is so complicated as it seems at first glance?

The exotic appearance of sphinxes
All sphinxes without exception, have a peculiar appearance. This strong and muscular cat with a special type of head, body, tail and paws. Their appearance reminds of the alien invaders. Huge eyes and ears, long legs with an almost human fingers and webbed between them, a thin rat tail and folds (wrinkles) around the body.

In short, the Sphinx is a cat that forces us to abandon the usual understanding about how it should look like a cat. For example, Sphynx-kittens: they are both similar and small dinosaurs, and the Cheburashka. Naked, big-eared and folded creatures that whisper rush through the rooms and fall down, uttering a loud spanking.

Cats and leather different from other domestic and wild cats. They have, like human skin, sweats and tans. On it, like a tattoo, the color of the animal is manifested. However, skin pigment gives only the color shade of the hair, which could be covered with a naked cat. But by late summer, the colors are tan cats become stunningly vivid and contrasting.

Breed of cats-Sphynx
There are only three breeds of naked cats. This canadian Sphynx, the Donskoy, and the Petersburg Sphinx.

The Sphynx cat or the moon
To date, only the breed of the Sphynx has gained worldwide recognition. Her story began in Ontario in 1966. When a normal domestic cat was born naked kitten, enthusiastic cat owner decided to breed a new breed – the breed of bald cats. For a long time these attempts were unsuccessful, but beginning in 1975, work on the development of new exotic species has started to give positive results.

Modern Sphynx have a special smooth lines and convex shapes. The basis of their main distinguishing feature formed a natural mutation of the visible asserttest: actually animals are covered with very short hair that feels like suede. His unusual forms of body and head they owe Devon-Rex cats (they also used to breed).

Don Sphynx or Russian hairless cat
This is one of the youngest cat breeds. Its history is similar to the story of the Sphynx. Once (in the late eighties of the last century) Rostov-on-don were found homeless, sometimes bald kitten mutant. The kitten was a girl that was named Barbara, and became the progenitor of a new breed.

The don Sphynxes, unlike the canadian, completely or partially naked. It is a slender animal of medium size with high thin legs, compact oval paws and long fingers. Purebred don Sphynx large ears, large almond-shaped eyes, strongly protruding brow and cheekbones.

Petersburg Sphynx or Peter-the bold
Yet this breed is the only way for recognition by the world felinological community. It was the result of random mating of don Sphynx with an Oriental cat and further consolidate the hairless gene is a natural mutation of the Eastern cats.

And in essence Peter is bald is bald Oriental cat with a long neck and tail, narrow snout and small eyes. Petersburg Sphinx is light and graceful build, has a completely different standard (unlike canadian and don Sphynx) and other breeding.

The character and habits of sphinxes
All sphinxes are highly intelligent, sociable and affectionate. They do not tolerate solitude and would prefer to live in society. That is why care for the bald cats primarily involves constant communication with them. Sphynx are very active, playful and even critical situations rarely scratch and bite. But if a person Sphynx are friendly with other cats often in conflict.

The nature of the Sphynx cat’s hard to call. One gets the impression that they themselves do not consider themselves cats. Moreover, people are perceived as equals. Sphinxes trust the person. They patiently tolerate all the unpleasant procedures, such as grooming claws, ears, or injections. Easily mastered in unfamiliar places and learning all kinds of commands and tricks.

Sphinxes love to eat well. They eat everything and in any quantity and often surprise you with their gastronomic tastes. Sphinxes are fun to use fresh tomatoes and raw potatoes, green peas and corn, melon, kiwi fruit, sauerkraut. As well as many other unusual for cats products.

It seems that loss of hair the Sphynx cat has lost wildness and independence. We can’t call them cats who walk by themselves. Love for the owner, trustfulness and friendliness, extraordinary sweetness and insatiable love of food – perhaps it is these features distinguish the sphinxes from other cats. All the rest of these cats are like the representatives of other breeds.

Particular care
Despite the prevailing view that cats require special conditions of detention, the care of them burdensome. However, something owners of sphinxes still worth considering.

  • Feeding

Great (often uncontrolled) appetite sphinxes can lead to digestive disorders and even obesity. So you should stick with them for a balanced diet. Feed naked cats should be 3-4 times a day. But because of the increased energy metabolism, they need to give more food than regular cats.

  • Grooming

Another feature included with the care of the Sphynx, is also associated with the absence of coat. On their skin going waxen protective coating. Healthy naked cats this discharge is not abundant. For reasons of hygiene is sometimes enough to wipe the cat with a damp cloth or sponge. As necessary, the animal can be redeemed by applying baby bathing facilities. Heavy deposits is a signal of metabolic disorders, malnutrition or disease of the animal. In this case, you must change the diet and to go to the vet – he’ll tell you in detail about what should be care in this case.

  • Care of ears and nails

Another hygienic feature of the Sphynx – secret of the ear, which accumulates very quickly. Therefore, for naked cats requires periodic cleaning of the ears. But this procedure needs more cosmetic rather than hygienic purposes. Claws trimmed with special clippers. The procedure should be performed very carefully, cutting off only the tip of the claw. By the way, some cats of this breed yourself biting claws.

Sphynx love their owners, and therefore caring for them is not a difficulty. The absence of hair makes them harmless to Allergy sufferers and peace-loving disposition – is safe for young children. Sphynx charm to your appearance and character. They are intelligent and affectionate. That is why exotic hairless cats often become Pets in our country.

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