Signs of pregnancy in cats: behavior and appearance

When your cat is in an interesting position, then you certainly will want to contemplate direct or indirect evidence of this fact. True for you in any case: and if you desperately do not want the addition in the cat family, and if you are looking forward to the appearance of the offspring of our favorite. It should be noted that signs of pregnancy in cats can be explicit and implicit. And in some cases the owners prior to the birth is not able to notice any signs. And I must say that the first three weeks of pregnancy, these symptoms can not determine even the vets.

However, experienced cat owner still with the big share of probability can confirm an interesting situation of her nursling. To a greater extent it concerns the behavior of the cat, but changes her appearance also can not hide from their watchful eye. Let’s look at the characteristics that will allow you to understand your cat is pregnant or not.

Changes in behavior
As we have said, the first three weeks of almost no change, indicating that your cat is pregnant, is not observed. However, if you still have your kitty actively demanded the cat, and having the opportunity amorous rendezvous, calmed down, then most likely it has reached the desired goal (got pregnant). However, if after seven to ten days recruiting the cries of your beauty resumed, the pregnancy will probably not come.

Thus, the complete loss of interest in the opposite sex is a possible sign of pregnancy. That cat got pregnant, also shows its aggressive behavior towards any other cats living with her in the same house. Although the second half of pregnancy changes exactly the opposite: the cat becomes affectionate and gentle, not only towards other animals but to humans.

With regard to changes in habits of eating, the first week the cat eats the same as before: the same and the same. But from the third week of pregnancy she may experience aversion to certain (previously familiar and favorite) products, as well as morning nausea and vomiting, which is indicative of a symptom of pregnancy cat. On a clear pregnancy of your cat shows and her more relaxed attitude, more prolonged sleep and increased appetite. But these signs appear already in the second half of pregnancy.

Towards the end of pregnancy cats become so relaxed and lethargic that they prefer to stay home, even if you have access to the street. More and more time they spend in sleep or in half sleep: that sleep occupies a large part of the life of a pregnant cat. Other changes in the behavior of a cat waiting for the offspring, not observed. It’s just not.

However, one behavioral symptom of pregnancy cat’s still worth mentioning separately. Even if the external signs of an interesting situation, cats is not observed (as it happens), by the end of pregnancy she will start to become anxious, and for the upcoming birth. This is also very clear sign of pregnancy in cats, and the behavior is called nesting.

This behavior shows a natural instinct for cats. About two weeks before birth, the cat starts looking for a place to “nest” – a convenient, quiet and warm place where she will have to Okolitsa and hold kittens for the first weeks of their lives. The main criteria (from the point of view of a cat, for selecting locations for nest security. Therefore, it is possible that your cat will begin to aggressively break into the cabinets, trying to arrange a place on the bookshelves and in other hard to reach places.

It is the right time to introduce the cat prepared for her by the box (boxes) for shipping, to select (with the cat) a suitable place for its location and future to convince mommy that this box is more suited to her “nest”. If you do not, then the cat will independently equip themselves “maternity ward” and it is possible that in your bed.

Changes in appearance
Again, the first three weeks of absolutely no external signs of pregnancy in cats is not observed. But after the twenty-first day of gestation for the offspring of a cat be the first notable changes that are visible to the host. However, to see them, you need to try. We are talking about changing the color and size of nipples of the future mom. Normal healthy cats nipples do not differ in color from skin on the abdomen. Parous cats they can be a little darker, but still retain the solid color.

A pregnant cats nipples are pink. Particularly noticeable is the change in nulliparous cats, although the intensity of staining and magnification of the nipples depends on the breed and age of the cat, as well as its individual features. By the way, can be pinking up by now and not all nipples, but only some of them. With the increased size of nipples of a pregnant cat, it can be quite insignificant and almost invisible. Still, in most cases, the nipples not only turn pink, but visibly swell.

From this time (third week of pregnancy begins to grow and the belly of a pregnant cat. However, at first it is almost not visible, and only in the second half of pregnancy, the kittens begin to grow rapidly, and, consequently, significantly and rapidly increasing the stomach hatched their cats. In fairness it should be noted that the size of the belly depends on the number and size of the fruit. Therefore, when maloletni pregnancy size of belly of the cat almost can not change.

Still, for the fifth week this a sign of pregnancy cats becomes obvious. If kittens a lot, mom is inflated in the eyes. The abdomen becomes round, large and tight, and you can even see the movement of the fruit. If at this point the stomach of cats does not increase much, most likely, it just bears a small number of young. But if you put your hand on such a belly, you can feel the kittens moving in there.

About a week before birth, a pregnant cat takes a pear shape, and the nipples droop noticeably, and they receive colostrum. If at this time, lightly squeeze the nipples with your fingers, then they will appear translucent droplet of white or yellow is colostrum.

In General, all of the signs say that your cat is pregnant. If you do not see any of them, you should contact the veterinary clinic where with the help of ultrasound to determine exactly the cat is pregnant or not pregnant. But in any case, to pay a visit to the vet is necessary. First, it is not always the signs of pregnancy cats can be trusted (especially behavioral), and secondly, the examination of cat will do her good and will prevent many possible complications.

Be attentive to their Pets. Remember that often your lack of attention turns into disease, nervous disorders, and even depression in Pets. But we are responsible for those who tamed, and help and support our Pets wait for more nowhere. They trust us.

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