Raccoon home and four legged exotic

It is extremely adorable! But not surprisingly, he still did not quite familiar pet. After all, a raccoon’s home is a cross between a cat, a dog and a bear (or monkey)! Although in many countries, Pets raccoons are quite popular, but there are also some States where their content in the home is prohibited legally. Still, it’s representative of the wild fauna. However, the raccoon is not so exotic, it copes with the role of a pet, joy no less (though more hassle) than the usual four-legged denizens of our homes.

General information
Home to these animals is considered to be New world, but today they live not only in America. A raccoon are generally spread almost all over the world due to the fact that acklimatiseras well and adapts to life near humans. In the wild these animals live in the mixed forests near water, and are primarily nocturnal, when foraging at night and resting during the day.

A raccoon a good body and not too large (like a medium dog): body length usually does not exceed seventy inches, and weighs ten pounds. It is characterized by relatively short legs with a long and surprisingly agile fingers. And a raccoon is a very beautiful (and, alas, valuable) fur: soft and thick, gray-brown color.

Characteristic of the raccoon and exquisite care about the “purity of food”. Before you eat any morsel, he dips it in the water and rubs legs like blurs. Hence the name “raccoon”. By the way, the food he is not picky. Eats everything: bird eggs, and chickens, fruits and vegetables, and any grains. And this is a very smart and clever animal, possessing a natural curiosity and cunning. But for all that the intellectual is prone to scandals and fights.

Portrait in the interior
Homemade raccoon (but rather tame) is very communicative. If he dwell in your house, then get ready to pay him much attention, which it will certainly afford to require (and it is possible that the middle of the night). He will want to play with him and to be entertained, caressed and fed. At its core, the raccoon selfish and will not tolerate your affection for other animals or small children.

The curiosity of a raccoon in our perception, beyond all limits. For him in the apartment there is no taboo and inaccessible places. So the mess you will be provided. And if you want order in the house, you will have to provide raccoon, separate “living space” or never leave it unattended.

But it is actually not that bad. If you take the house is quite small raccoon, with the right upbringing he will make a good family pet, get along well with the person. However to do this you have to put a lot of effort and patience. Raccoon though, and smart, but stubborn. And if he gets bored training, the student can easily show aggression or to take and to turn back to you, showing reluctance to learn. But over time, a common language will be found, and the pupil will be well to understand the banning team.

The conditions of detention
To maintain such a bully still need a specially equipped room, but not a cage. He needs a house, which would be quite spacious, was a bed, a toilet and wood for climbing. Allow to move across the apartment can only be well-educated pet. Homemade raccoon will certainly explore all (all!) your house in search of hiding places for pripryatyvaniya food and just out of curiosity. So a perfect place to keep such “exotic” would be the aviary on the street.

You can feed it regular dog food, and fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry and fish. A couple of times a year it should be bathed with shampoo. And to ensure the raccoon water fun, you can fill the tub with water and allow it to play. Raccoons in General are very playful and so fun to watch them.

So frankly, raccoons in the home is troublesome (and even somewhat dangerous). But if you are not afraid and do not stop possible trouble from such cohabitation, then you can join a very large army of fans of raccoons and to acquire this charming and unpredictable bully. Just remember that the egoist considers himself the center of universe and does not intend anyone to share your love.

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