Pets: rabbits

With his future rabbit I met at the market. We arrived, I remember, not really for a rabbit, but for a part. The path to the market was lying by shopping malls with small animals: mice, rats, hamsters and brothers of our future pet. Later I was told that I bought it for my daughter. I confess: not true. I fell in love with him at first sight, and then he showed himself not with the best hand, as typical of many gray-eyed handsome men.

At the same time I admit: we told a friend that the name “Soup” is an abbreviation for “Super”. In fact it is the result of constantly sounded in rabbit threats: “shame on you! Soup to cook!” So the beast, except for the name “Soup” was also French sounding last name “Cook”.

Rabbits: myths and reality

Carrots – not the most useful product for rabbits. The myth of the “rabbit + carrots = love” appeared thanks to the disney movie about resourceful Bugs Bunny.

The real “Bunny” prefers hay. But what about the rabbits though:

  • They are almost omnivorous. Many owners of rabbits tell you that those climbs in the bowls of other Pets. Call for a kitchen cat eared and impudent ahead of him a few feet. Cat terribly worried: will not have time to run to the bowl of liver, and there are already other hosts! Rabbits still that cat, dog or bird menu does not suit them: to smell something. Can I have the bowl flip: having fun. And Wallpapers they eat.: And furniture erode.

  • When the rabbit decided to include in the menu of the computer leads, had the fan electronics to give a large family.The children were happy.

Our cat too.

Future caliculation will find useful:

  • Rabbits growl and bite to protect their freedom.
  • Some of them don’t like to be petted or take-home.
  • Released from the cage of a rabbit is very difficult to put back: they have a great strategy of evasion. First, they show it the direction of movement, while they themselves jump to the other side. Second, they love to play and jump at a distance that will make it”. Yes, here I am! Jumped for me. They see what is happening behind them without turning their heads.
  • To the tray they can be trained the same as cats.
  • Of the unpleasant aspects of behavior these animals will mention two more. Night they’re loud Bang the rear paws. And yet, if the house is not of the opposite sex, other Pets might expect sexual harassment on the part of the rabbit.

Rabbits: sheep, foxes, butterflies…

It all breeds of rabbits. Dwarf rabbits were bred for the same purpose that other breeds of animals they can admire and to love. Looks like beauty here.

  • Angora dwarf.

  • Angora ordinary (not decorative, and industrial, for wool derived form, but it was too neobychno).

  • Dwarf butterfly.

  • Dwarf lop-eared sheep.

  • Germline.

  • The dwarf Fox.

  • The dwarf Rex.

  • Linography rabbit.

  • Colored dwarf.

The rat asks the rabbit: “You’re all bite, and I bite. You’re decorative, and I do too. Why you all admire, but don’t trust me?” – “Ask my publicist,” the lazy rabbit advises. Although PR is not necessary to him: how can you not like him, so small, fluffy and very funny.

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