Pets hamsters – care and maintenance of young pranksters

Many of us, for any reasons deprived of the opportunity to get a cat or dog. But often the desire to acquire such a pet becomes just a fixed idea. Especially if it is difficult to implement or something prevents this. That’s when we remember that not only dogs and cats are able to play the role of domesticated animals. In addition to these (such akin to humans!) Pets in our homes inhabit hamsters and ferrets, Guinea pigs and turtles, various birds and fish.

However, the departure of many of these alternative Pets (e.g., aquarium fishes) require special knowledge, but for others it is necessary to create special conditions (ferrets, birds). But there is a great way to get literally pocket manual of small animal (warm, funny and even clever). As you may have guessed, this animal is a hamster. Moreover, the maintenance and feeding of hamsters do not cause difficulties, but caring for them is very simple.

The conditions of detention hamsters
Note first that any special conditions, the hamster is not required – its content fairly seamlessly. The only thing you need to buy is a cage or aquarium, as a free move hamster around the apartment is fraught with unpleasant consequences. First, the hamster can be accidentally crushed, and secondly, he could easily chew a hole in the furniture and equip his nest in the closet or in the dresser.

A definite plus of the aquarium and there will be less rubbish around the abode hamster. In addition, you can use even a cracked or broken on one side of the aquarium. Cracks need to paint over oil paint, as glazing putty hamster can chew. Broken glass removed and tighten the void with a metal grid. But it’s better to buy a special cell – low, medium in size but spacious. Wooden cage for keeping hamsters are not suitable as animal can chew the bars. The cage should be metal, but not copper.

In any case, the aquarium or cage should be large enough that the hamster was able to build his house. These animals are equipped with their nest for rest, the pantry for storage and a latrine for the administration need. A healthy and active animal constantly busy restoring order in his house, restocking the pantry and eternal improvement of the nest.

To the hamster it was easier to cope with their tasks, put in a cage a small piece of cloth, the leaves of soft paper and pieces of cardboard. In addition, put in the cage a wooden box with an entrance hole or upturned clay flower pot. From the edge of the pot, you also need to make a hole for the entrance to a makeshift house. By the way, these ready-made houses you can buy in the store.

Pantry hamster is another indispensable attribute of hamster life. In the wild these bins provide a comfortable and well-fed life of hamsters throughout the year. In captivity, these animals instinctively continue to fill their pantries, although the urgent need for them. However, your hamster be sure to equip yourself store for supplies. Moreover, he will continually replenish it, hiding a large part of the obtained feeds and even begging food from the owners.

Cleaning the house hamster, you should try not to destroy not to empty the vault. Otherwise, the animal can experience a real stress. After repeated loss of its cherished barn, the hamster will stuff his cheeks with food and nervously running around the cage, not daring to hide the inventory to another place, and not believing in the reliability of the new store. So try not to disturb the hamster, cleaning the cage and crush his pantry.

Hamsters – animals cleanly. In contrast, the same birds contained in a cage, the hamsters don’t poop anywhere, and allocate yourself to the toilet the cell. By the way, fame smelly animal home hamster owes his toilet. But if at least once a week to clean the cage, and once a month to disinfect and deodorize the place that the hamster was taken by the toilet, no smell emanate from the cells will not.

For a comfortable existence and maintenance of a healthy hamster needs to move. Since the space of its habitat is limited, the cell is preferably equipped with a special wheel. Ready the hamster wheel again, can be purchased at the pet store. You can make a wheel and independently of the reel from spinning, the two plywood discs and wooden sticks.

On the floor of the cage filled with wood shavings, hay or special filler. Put a drinker and feeder. That is, in fact, and all conditions necessary for comfortable existence of this little animal. Agree that the hassle and the contents of the hamster is not delivered. Well, he lived in your home quite so freely and happily, hamster, of course, you need to properly feed and care for him.

Feeding hamsters
Hamsters are very unpretentious in food animals. Some owners do feed their hamsters that eat themselves. However, it is harmful to the hamster. First, an unbalanced diet and improper feeding shortens the life of the animals and bad for the health. And secondly, some foods can cause indigestion, provoke various acute and chronic diseases and even cause death of the animal.

The basis of the diet of a pet hamster should be cereals – they need to give the animal daily. The normal grain mix for an adult hamster ranges from one to three teaspoons a day and depends on the size of the animal. The cereal mix should include wheat grain, sunflower seeds, oats, nuts and peas. It is from these components and consist of a ready mix for hamsters.

In addition, the hamster must be give juicy foods – fruits, vegetables and herbs (carrots, apples, cucumbers, squash, bananas, corn, squash, pears, fennel, celery, parsley). Addition of the diet should be animal protein: boiled meat, fish, cheese and eggs. Fruits, herbs and vegetables hamsters are given each day, but protein foods only once a week. Moreover, one feeding the hamster needs to obtain only one protein product.

Undesirable (but sometimes possible) to feed the hamster prepared grain mixtures for birds, bread, potatoes, persimmon and drops. But any spices, fried foods, milk, citrus, melon and watermelon, sugar and honey, cabbage, garlic and onions is definitely harmful to hamsters and can cause irreparable harm to the health of rodents.

Care of hamsters
Oddly enough, but for these miniature Pets also need care. For example, long-haired hamsters need daily or at least every other day combing. Moreover, special attention should be paid to the tummy and rear paws of the animal where the wool is matted and dirty with excrement. Short-haired hamsters comb is not necessary, but to clean off dirt of the fur is also necessary.

Hamsters clean, dry or wetted with a soft brush, and bathe only in exceptional cases. If you’ve decided to bathe your pet, use to wash baby shampoo and make sure that soap and water does not get into eyes, ears and nose of the animal. And in any case do not wash your hamster with water and soap.

Hamsters have constantly growing teeth, and if the animal does not receive an adequate amount of solid feed, the regrown incisors can injure the tongue, lips and gums of the hamster. That this did not happen, let the hamster the ability to chew any wooden and rubber objects. And if the teeth are still too big, then ask for the solution of this problem in the veterinary clinic.

If your hamster is moving enough, then its claws will grind. However, the content of a hamster in a cage without a wheel, as well as poor health and lack of activity of old animals cause the regrowth is too long claws. They can grow so much that begin to interfere with the animal to walk. In this case, the claws just gently cut the nail scissors.

So spacious and properly equipped cage, balanced diet and minimal, but necessary care will make the life of your pet comfortable and long. In gratitude for good care, a hamster will please you a good appetite, amusing behavior and his funny habits. Watch these household animals are very interesting. And just to hold in my hands this warm hairy lump always nice – and the stress will be removed, and your mood will improve. Believe me, the hamster is guided not only by instinct. He is able to experience and Express different emotions and even affection for the man. Be careful and attentive to this little guy. Remember that you’re responsible for the one who tamed.

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