Pet from a shelter: the pros and cons of the decision

In our country this way to get four-legged friend is gaining popularity. And no wonder: as a result of usually are satisfied both parties – the owner and the pet, and the relationship between them develop special. Let’s weigh all the “pros” and “cons”.


1 You find not just a pet, you are giving him the opportunity to know a normal life, to understand that the world is not only confined cage and a short walk away, and sometimes even save the animal’s life. Most shelters only exist because of charitable contributions and volunteers. Not enough space, drugs and people. And, no matter how hard the employees of the shelter, animals sometimes die. If you’ve never seen how it all works, visit any of the shelters to have an idea about them and understand how need Pets in the home.

2 In a good shelter will never give a sick animal, he will not catch anything existing Pets. All animals initially treated, and then start looking for them a home. In addition, you will be told about his diagnosis, treatment and possible consequences, explain how to care for them – in that case, if you decide to shelter an injured animal or the disabled. Well, if you have suddenly found allergic or have another reason for parting with a pet from a shelter – you don’t have to find him new owners and to be tormented by doubts about their integrity. Most shelters accept their animals back.

3 Shelter animals are treated for fleas and parasites and vaccinated, and if age allows, and sterilized. The shelters work with veterinarians who communicate with animals on a daily basis and assess their mental state, you know their character to the last detail, so that will help you choose a dog or cat that best suits you in temperament.


1 Among living animals, there are “runners”. Basically it is a freedom-loving dog who flatly refuse to live with any of the owners. Whenever they “make legs”, coming back to the shelter or just running away to freedom.

2 Many animals were injured people no longer trust them. This problem can be solved – you will provide an opportunity to visit the selected pet a little chat with him, feed, walk. But you need to understand what animal can you never get used to it.

3 Some do not want to just take an animal and hope to help the disabled, but often are not ready. Such Pets should be given more attention, they need special care. However, shelter workers will do everything possible to prepare you. Still, it may be that you overestimated their strength.


1 at least roughly imagine who want to take home: the size and age of the animal, sex, nature. Be prepared for the questions owners of shelter – you will ask about your living conditions, family structure and the presence of young children and other animals.

Shelter workers often tell stories about how people come, for example, the little ginger kitten, and take the big, white dog. You may be the plan for you

to take the animal mind, but in the end everything will solve the feelings.

2. You can’t just point the finger at vending the beast and take him home. Not

the fact that he will choose you can give up Dating. If you became friends with the first time, try to check on your pet frequently, without making

attempts to take away from the familiar world, and with time he might change his mind.

3. You need to be prepared for the fact that the shelter is not a luxury kennel. You see animals in a different state. Remember that a lot depends on the conditions of life. At home, with loving owners, the pet will look very different. If seen you will not repel, on the contrary, to evoke pity and desire to take home some Pets instead of one as planned.

4 Choosing a beast, consider the advice of the shelter workers. The apartments do not keep large dogs, and when the kids pet you need to find flexible. From any rule there are exceptions: the shepherd may feel great in the apartment and make friends with kittens, but it is better not to risk it.

5 Remember: these animals and so many have experienced, they need affection and time to adapt. If you change your mind, return to the shelter can become a real tragedy. Think about it carefully and prepare as much as is in your power. Sometimes an animal is better to return back than to suffer, if you find that you are not “together”.

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