New year with your favorite animal

If you have thought about the “beast,” according to the Eastern calendar, a little bit wrong. We are talking about them, favorite, fluffy and smooth, barking and mewing, Mouser and other Pets. There are so many ways to have fun on holiday and to please loved ones! Including Pets. We always pay much attention to them, but during the new year hassle they may feel unfairly neglected. But so important for them to feel special!

Womie will tell you how to do the New year holiday and for your beloved animal.

New year: “we bring a cat, Siskin, dog…”

The holidays you want to spend with someone you love. Including, of course, household Pets. But if you are invited to visit for the New year? Very good! Let’s see what we can do.

  • If the road will be long and you will have to stay in a Motel, find one that is “friendly” to animals. On the websites of the motels this information is usually represented by the phrase “accommodate visitors with Pets.
  • You came to visit at Christmas or New year. Going to choose the Christmas tree at the Christmas tree or go caroling? Take your dog with you! And among cats, there are lovers walks. Just make sure your pet warm. But if he is afraid of fireworks, it is better to leave it at home.

New year with the beloved beast: “ice cream for kids, cat …?”

Darrell called the book “My family and other animals”, because I didn’t divide these two categories. You agree with him? Then go for the gifts!

  • Pet owners “with the experience” did not hesitate to say that like their pet. For example, a great rustling of a mouse from the store the cat somehow does not like. But tube! And socks! And balls!!! In short, everything that is so much fun to drive on the flat or tangle. You’re not afraid of thread wrapped around everything, including you and the cat? Of course not! A holiday is a holiday.
  • But the dog – lovers of traditional toys. No, your expensive shoes we give them will not. They will appreciate the toys, Squeaker toys-dolls. A new collar or jumpsuit with rhinestones? Not sure… But if the owner wants, the dog will certainly share her enthusiasm.
  • Housing. Your hamster will love the spacious cage, especially with tunnels and climbing frame. Your dog prefers to sleep with you, but will have to settle for warm bedding. Cats, as you know, tend to look down on the world, so they will appreciate the multi-level house. And mind you, all this can be done with your own hands! Once I gave my cat sackcloth, stuffed with rags, pleased pet and at the same time saved the Wallpaper: the best scratching posts and not come up with. But my rabbit was very fond of rugs. Only he ate them… But that’s another category of gifts.
  • Treat. If your cat likes liver so that it is ready to sleep with her in an embrace, you know what to get him. Bone with treat inside? Excellent choice, master. A raccoon buy new species of fish. Let rinse health!
  • Red hood? Remove me immediately! Or I’ll shoot”. So hurry up with the photo shoot, mistress!

New year with the beloved beast: safety first

Pay special attention to the safety of your Pets during the holidays.

  • Curiosity. There are lots of things that will attract the attention of your four-legged friend. One tree is worth! Ribbons, garlands, shiny things… advice from Womie: get on all fours! This will help you to see the room from an unusual angle, as he sees it a small child or animal. Look around. Everything is in reach, it is better to outweigh higher. And the tinsel is generally better to get rid of, especially dangerous.
  • Food from your table. You are sure that the puppy dragged a chicken bone, and the kids friends didn’t feed a hamster chocolate? Beware.
  • New plants. The food from the table isn’t the only thing your pet can eat and then get sick. Dogs and cats are indifferent to traditional Catholic Christmas decorations such as mistletoe, Holly, pine needles. Take care to holiday decor was unavailable for a pet.
  • Fire. Candles and a fire in the fireplace make your home more cozy. But animals don’t always understand the danger. Some cats can watch the candle and try to extinguish the flames with his paw, dogs to pull off the table cloth with lit candles. Buy flameless candles. And don’t forget to put the screen near the fireplace.

New year and Christmas – a time of joy. Keeping in mind the safety of Pets, making them gifts, you can enjoy the festive beauty with them. Womie loves holidays, loves Pets and wishes a happy New year to the animals and their owners!

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