Mom is shepherd, dad is a bastard. Adorable kids illegal love

If your dog work up puppies on the side, not in a hurry to shout “Shame the family!” this will come out perfect mineski. Although, of course, especially to experiment on animals, we advise you not to.

aspic = Australian shepherd and Pomeranian

Corgi = Corgi + Beagle

Polski = Pomeranian + husky

Pitsky = Pitbull + husky

Chowski = Chow-Chow + husky

Kocabey = Pei + Cocker Spaniel

Cigli = Chihuahua + Beagle

Zorg= Golden Retriever + Corgi

Charge = husky + Corgi

Bashar = Basset hound + dog
libenchant = Labrador + Bernese mountain dog

surcharge = Pei + German shepherd

Nolly = Collie + German shepherd


Look, man, well, you really like that watch your male German shepherd!

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