Lost dog! How to find (and not lose) a pet

Every third family dog is lost in their lifetime at least once. Alas, most of the “lost and found” can’t find your house. How to avoid losing pet?

  • Adresnik or collar with an attached or simply written the address and phone number – the simplest thing you can do in order to facilitate your pet’s return home.
  • Microchip the animal can be implanted at a veterinary clinic. Painless procedure takes less than 5 minutes. The chip contains an electronic number from 15 digits, which is encoded in the country code and the clinic where the operation took place, as well as information about the owner. If an animal falls into the hands of people who care, any veterinary clinic, where it is chipping, it will receive data about the owner.
  • No need to panic! Often animals are lost, frightened by anything or anyone. Keep your dog on a leash on the way to the site where you normally walk. And don’t let him off leash if the site walk is unfamiliar to you before larger dogs.
  • New places. If you got out of the car in an unfamiliar area, don’t let the dog from himself. If I went to visit friends out of town, make sure that the site is securely fenced before allowing dog to run at large.


It is not only useful, but cute accessory. If you want to make a gift to friends, who have brought a puppy or kitten, adresnik with a funny caption and contact the owners – what you need!

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