La Perm, or Cats with curly hair

La Perm – so-called, this new and unusual breed of cat with a long muscular body, long-eared head and a long tail. But the main distinguishing feature of cats of breed La Perm curly coat. Curls, twisted in spirals and rings, cover these cats from the tail to the ears. Where did these unusual cats with the Perm? Learn the history and characteristics of the breed La Perm.

Curly story
The official date of birth of the breed – 1982. It was in this year at common farm cats whose owners lived near Dallas city, was born naked kitten very unattractive appearance. In addition to the lack of hair it is also distinguished from siblings unusually long tail and ears. A farm owner out of pity or out of interest decided to leave the kitten. Imagine her surprise when after a month, this naked cub began to grow fur and soon became a charming curly-haired cat. Because of its unusual coat this new-found yoke got the name’s curly and by fate became the progenitors of a new breed La Perm.

The offspring’s curly inherited the characteristic curly fur and continued to pass it on to their descendants. Within five years, the curly gene was dominant, and in 1987 the breed La Perm was first presented to experts. However, the official standard for the breed La Perm was registered in FIFe in the year of 1997.

Crispy exterior
According to the official standard cat breed La Perm must have:

  • any coat color and any combination of colors;
  • size for cat – 4-6 kg, for cats –3-4 kg;
  • medium wedge shaped head with a wide muzzle prominent, high cheekbones, broad ears are of medium and high values;
  • wide-set almond-shaped eyes, obliquely set towards the ears;
  • long tapering tail, covered with curly hair.

But here is the amazing fur of these cats is quite intricate. From its color and length depends on the texture of the hair. Have a short-haired La Perm it stronger and more elastic than long-haired. In addition, the texture of the hair of these cats varies depending on the season.

In fact, look at these cats-La curls Perm – photos will reveal to your eyes is an amazing picture. Supple and silky fur adorns them from ears to tip of tail. It can be tightly curled in ringlets, and can flow long luxurious curls. And the tail of these cats look like a fun brush to wash dishes, either for a plume of feathers.

By the way, most kittens of this breed at birth is already covered with short curled hair, but sometimes babies are born naked. Full curly coat kittens formed only four months of age and is accompanied by periodic molting (sometimes to complete baldness).

Curly character
La Perm cats are extremely affectionate and sociable. They love to kiss, to touch his master’s hands and pushing him, demanding affection. La Perm love to sit on your hands or shoulders and often asks on hands, like little children. Unlike other cats are equally affectionate with all family members, regardless of who feeds them.

These cats have a gentle purring voice, that accompany and manifestations of affection, and calls to communicate with the owners. La Perm – passionate fans of television. They love to watch any movies and shows and is even able to react to what is happening on the screen.

La Perm cats are real companions who are happy to accompany their owners not only within the home territory, but also love to travel and travel even over very long distances. Genetically, these cats are adapted for existence in the rural spaces, but also in urban apartments feel quite comfortable. The main condition of their happy life – the presence of a nearby person. It impresses everyone, first met the breed La Perm and even those who feel cats are especially tender feelings.

Curly care
Unlike other exotic breeds, cat La Perm is not burdensome to care for. Their exotic coat sheds very little, in addition to this it is also meloalegria. First quality due to the curled shape of the hair, which protects skin and hair from seasonal changes of temperature. Second quality cat La Perm owe to the lack of fine undercoat that most often causes Allergy to wool.

Even the preparation for the exhibitions requires minimal effort on the part of the owner. The cat just good to wash and dry with a towel. Since the La Perm cat’s curly, before judging it is advisable to slightly dampen the wool with water, in order to show her a luxurious.

The decision to get a cat of this breed will definitely meet your expectations. You will not only acquire extremely affectionate and devoted pet, but extravagant representative of this amazing and diverse family cat La Perm cat with curly hair.

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