Japanese Spitz for sovremennoi ladies with a dog

Changing times, changing tastes and fashion changes. Including fashion for Pets. And if Chekhov “the lady with the dog” was inseparable from the German Spitz, the modern ladies are very interested in the Japanese Spitz. “What’s the difference, you ask, is it Spitz is Spitz: furry, sharp-nosed, merry little dog”. That may be so, but only Spitz is a group of breeds of decorative dogs. Each breed of Spitz is its own story, its own standard and its own characteristics. They have a lot in common, but many differences. For example, what is fashionable today, the Japanese Spitz?

The origin of the breed
According to zoologists of dog handlers and breeders of the Japanese Spitz comes from the Northern dogs, but rather from Samoyed huskies. From them as a result of painstaking breeding and selection has got a new breed – Japanese Spitz or Samoyed husky in miniature.

To form this breed began in the late nineteenth century in Japan, and in 1948 was recognized by the national kennel Union. The first officially registered representative of the breed is the Japanese Spitz by the name of Hakuri, who was born in the summer of 1947. And 1959 in Japan was founded cynological Association of Japanese Spitz, uniting breeders and enthusiasts of this breed.

Has long been a popular and favorite in Japan, the Japanese Spitz breed is becoming more popular in other countries around the world. And our homeland is no exception: today the demand for these dogs is quite high.

The breed standard
In accordance with the standard of the breed the Japanese Spitz should be strong and flexible physique, a height of from twenty-five to thirty-eight inches and weighing from five to ten kg. the Head is rounded with triangular ears, a pointed muzzle, tiny black nose, tight black lips, almond-shaped dark eyes with black edging.

Torso the Japanese Spitz is a strong, well defined withers and neck, a broad chest and rump and toned stomach. Paws muscular, with rounded metacarpus and fleshy pads. Rolled into a ring tail tightly to his back.

Fur erect, long, thick with a soft undercoat. On the muzzle, front legs and ears is shorter than on the body. On the neck and chest is a luxurious furry collar, and the rear leg – feathering. The coat of the Japanese Spitz exclusively white, with no spots or markings.

Features of the breed.
The Japanese Spitz is a companion dog. He has a cheerful disposition, playful and good-natured. At the same time, these little dogs are quite stubborn, so when raising from the owner requires perseverance and patience. But with the right approach from them is easy to achieve obedience, the Japanese Spitz is a naturally intelligent and loyal to the owner.

These dogs have an innate guarding instinct, to strangers are in disbelief, but get along well with other Pets. They are easy to train, they are affectionate and affection to all family members and do not cause particular problems in the content. For example, the Japanese Spitz neat and clean, rarely bark, are almost never chewing on furniture and shoes (except as a puppy).

Dog the Japanese Spitz is perfect for keeping in the apartment. It will not be burdensome for elderly people and always find common language with children. In addition to all its positive qualities these dogs have a great immune system, rarely get sick and no allergies.

Luxurious coat of the Japanese Spitz requires a constant, but unobtrusive care. The fact that the dirt that got on the fur, it does not leave a residue after drying. She’s just shaken off, and the coat remains clean. Here is a unique “dirt repellent” properties have these dogs. And the basic care of their hair is only occasional combing.

In General, for dog Japanese Spitz breed profile is as follows. It is a miniature, decorative, possesses a spectacular appearance and sociable character. It is perfectly cope with the role of a pet, will brighten up loneliness of older people and will add joyous moments in the life of a numerous family. It will not cause unnecessary hassle in the care and maintenance, but with its miniature size makes a wonderful watchdog. Here are some interesting breed Japanese Spitz. And you did not wanted?

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