How to wean a cat to chew on houseplants?

This issue worries many owners of Pets. Cats though by nature and predators, but not averse to the leaf any potted plants. And well, if the plant is not toxic: in this case, the hostess has to put up with just eternally gnawed the tips of the leaves. But many in their homes to keep dangerous Pets plants used as food a piece which can even lead to death. So for some owners it is very important to protect your Pets. In this article Womie will talk about ways to save-like appearance of the plants, and the health of their favorite home Pets.

The isolation of the plants

The first thing you need to do is close the cat’s access to his favorite plant. The problem with this method is that the cat is very curious and physically developed animal that can get into places that even the hostess could not suspect. In addition, the change of location plants may be detrimental to his health, as the new conditions do not meet his needs. However, there are some tricks that will help safely hide the plant from the cat, not harming it. For example, it can be supplied in wide and high glass vessel, through which it will still be able to get enough sunlight, and watering won’t cause any difficulties. But this a bad option for those who have cats or other Pets have a habit of dropping items off shelves, window sills and other places. Otherwise, the hostess should be ready to harvest shards.

Cat chewing plants: small tweaks

So the cat gnawed the leaves of plants, it is possible to resort to a little trick: to get a harmless, but bitter plant. If the animal tries to taste all the plants in the house, then try this. The bitter taste is not like her, and she won’t risk it next time, moreover, will not eat previously attracted her plants. However, this does not always work: trying one plant, the cat may continue to eat the ones that didn’t cause her any discomfort. In this case, the woman may resort to another trick with a similar effect: processing leaves, stems and flowers of all plants in the house any bitter and safe for the plant and animal composition. The cat will continue to stumble on the bitter taste, and soon she will lose the habit of chewing plants. Thus, plants can be protected. The key is to make sure that the composition, which process all flora in the house, completely harmless. It’s best not to risk and buy special sprays at pet stores. The effect of their use will be similar, but an additional incentive for the cat not to eat plants will be more unpleasant odor emanating from them.

Cat chewing plants: red herring

The most gentle method to wean the animal to taste all the flowers in the house – personal “cat” plant for chewing. In pet stores sell special grass, which grow, you can teach a cat got it. It does not always work, but worth a try. Grass can replace some components that cat in other plants, and she stops to chew on everyone animals in the house.

Cat chewing plants: training

As you know, cats are poorly trained: they are too skittish animals. However, you can use some methods to solve this problem. As soon as you see that the cat is chewing on plants – need to raise her voice, get him away from plants and offer an alternative – the same pot. At repeated repetition of these steps, the cat can realize that it is better to eat grass, then its curse will not.

If the cat is chewing on plants is a real problem. But, as you can see, it is quite possible to solve on our own and with the aid of specialized equipment from the pet store.

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