How to teach your kitten to the tray?

Most cat owners, especially beginners in this business, it touches on the problem of how to teach a kitten to the tray. Sometimes you have to solve this problem, he settled in his house an adult animal, but often have to teach the basics of hygiene kittens. Note that the methods and rules of solving such a delicate problem is universal and is suitable for large and small cats. But we offer you to start the solution of the problem with an unusual way to look at it through the eyes of the cat. What you originally seemed unpredictable and complex, may be simple and logical.

Choose a place for the toilet
Widely known fact that all cats are extraordinary cleanness. So sometimes they seem to be just out of spite begin to make “dirty” things are not where it should be. Here we will focus on the first question – who and where exactly it should be? It should, of course, us – the owners. It is left without their own opinion of the cat.

How to accustom the cat to the tray main rule is safety and ukromnoe the place where we put the tray. The most secluded room is the toilet, however it may be not safe enough. The cat can scare anything loud howl of sewer pipes, landing someone on the adjacent floor of the water, rattling the washing machine falling from the top shelf items. In the end, your treasure may just out of curiosity to climb in the toilet or in the open a pack with washing powder. Besides do not forget that the toilet needs to be available on demand cats, otherwise, wait for the “surprises”.

Choose a convenient and hygienic tray
In any case, don’t put your pet or enameled metal tray. It is absolutely not suitable for cats. First, when reinforced by the attempts of the beast to bury their fragrant feces from the innate sense of cleanliness, or perceived enemies, the tray will be rattling around and scaring the animal. Second, the metal tends to oxidize over time and begin to emit a smell highly unpleasant for the cat nose. Cardboard and wooden trays also invalid – they are not hygienic, absorb odors and are not washed out. How to teach a kitten to the toilet? Very simple – select the right tray. Give preference to plastic. In this tray you will be able to fill a special filler, or insert the grille of that beast likes to sharpen claws.

The height of the vessel should be from 7 to 20 cm, depending on the size of the animal. Currently pet store you can find a lot of special tools, very convenient for the cat’s life. For example, the entire indoor toilet, which has the entrance hole.

As for the other dimensions of the tray, it is a matter of individual taste, which, according to the well-known saying, do not argue. Some little kitties like toilets the size of a football field, and some large cats prefer toilette modest dimensions. If you guess favorite size your pet, the question how to teach your cat to walk in the tray may fall off by itself. However, with time, when the kitten Matures, a small tray may be he small. Therefore, getting the tray for the baby, do not exclude the possible need for its replacement.

Choosing a cat litter
To the bathroom your pet, you can pour sand, shredded paper, compressed sawdust. But it is better to use special absorbent cat litter. Fillers quite a lot on the market. They come in synthetic, wood and mineral. What filler to use to fill the tray with your pet is a controversial issue. Typically, the cheap fillers are not of good quality, and will bring you additional worries.

The tray with the bottom tray expensive synthetic filling can not wash after each trip your kitty to use the toilet, but only to remove the faeces and replace sticky to the ball filler. Wood fillers are good at keeping the smells, but the filler next to the tray will always be sawdust stuck on cat’s paws. Mineral fillers adhere to the paws smaller, but hold and smell worse.

It is very important to choose the filler that will be liked by your pet, otherwise you have to accustom your kitten to the tray without filler. The animal may simply refuse to use the toilet with a filler for the purpose. In this case, it is best to use a special plastic grid. We have to show the kitten how to cross your legs on the bars, mimicking thus burying all their dealings.

Persistent natural scent tray
Your excessive craving for sterility may completely kill any desire of a cat to visit the toilet place. In any case, not namewhite cat pot chemicals for washing powders or bleach – not only that they are deadly to a cat’s health, any chemical smell, the animal will be around for three miles. As the cat accustomed to the tray and will wean quickly. The smells of detergents are just nice people, but they absolutely do not like animals. In such a “smelly” toilet cat never will Pooh and pee. It is not the enemy.

Brush and water running water is the ideal remedy for cleaning cat waste products. More and no need to invent anything. The main thing is to wash regularly, preferably after each visit for your pet. The filler also need to be changed regularly, according to the instructions. The cats were clean creatures, and require the same from people.

Make dental hygiene pleasant
Don’t even worry about how to teach a kitten to the toilet quickly. Just help him to care for themselves. Little kittens often helpless and very often wear on the muzzle and the pants traces his life, especially the kids long-haired breeds.

The zeal with which we try to wash the cat’s muzzle after a meal, is justified, and not be able to ruin the instinct of hunger. To eat the cat never rashochetsya. But our attempts to wash a cat pants after using the toilet, especially with soap, can lead to tragic consequences. And instead of how to teach a toddler to the tray, you will wean him off the toilet once and for all. Torture washing the animal will not forgive you especially if it has done its job in the right place. The cat will summer residents like other secluded places in the apartment, in order not to expose themselves to such an unpleasant and humiliating procedure.

To teach a kitten to walk in the tray, you need to be patient and when the need arises in the water to wait 20-30 minutes. In extreme cases, gently wipe with a soft cloth under the tail, something thus tenderly tell the cat (beautiful, smart, good).

Avoiding punishment in the toilet
Are you clear as to how to accustom the cat to the toilet, you need to choose a safe quiet place, not causing the animal’s negative emotions. Therefore to punish the cat in the toilet is prohibited. In any case do not cover it there, even if she was not right at all. No cat will not tolerate in their possessions closed doors, especially in the latrine.

Do not forget about another psychological characteristics: the cats missing associative thinking, so all your attempts to punish poking his nose in the feces will be absolutely useless. After a short time the cat will forget what he’s done, but resentment on you, she will certainly remain.

If you caught your pet at the crime scene, it is permissible to say a stern voice “no”, to pick up on his hands and promptly referred to the bathroom without looking at what the road is poured, or he began to defecate. So it is possible to teach your kitten to the tray quickly, and nothing else. To put it in the tray and say gentle voice, stroking: like a good girl, good for you. Remember once and for all, the toilet is a trust place for everyone, including your mustache creation.

Promptly treat helminthiasis
Often breeders prefer to think of their Pets worms no. However, the driving worms is the first step that must be taken in the case, if the cat began to walk in different angles. Remember the simple truth – no cats without worms. No, don’t think that you’re bad at caring for his treasure. It’s much easier.

Cats walk on the floor bare feet, then lick ‘ em (the bactericidal properties of the saliva of cat worms do not harm). You feed your pet raw meat, and maybe even raw fish (which is more dangerous than other things). In summer the apartment can fly flies, your cat can walk on the street, guests can visit other infected animals. In addition, you yourself can infect your cat, bringing the source of the disease on their shoes, clothing or dirty hands. By the way, human worms are also dangerous for cats.

Helminthiasis causes in cats of various disorders, including problems with the chair. The reason for worry is eliminated just regularly once in four or five months, spending anthelmintic activities. You must give your cat anthelmintic products designed specifically for felines. In any case can not be used anthelmintic drugs intended for humans – they cause cats severe poisoning.

The basic hygiene rules allows you to quickly solve the problems with toilet outside the tray. Anyway, worms as a cause of failure from cat tray you can eliminate.

Adjusted to cat quirks
Some baleen species observed a strange habit – they do their “little” things right in a litter box, and poop sit side by side. Believe me, this is not a whim but a genetic memory, passed on from ancestors. From this habit, to wean the cat still almost no one could. Easier to adapt to this quirk. It is useless to punish a cat, however, like to put it some extra trays.

The cat may come to avenge it caused her offense in the form of a campaign is not a tray, but rather just your shoes or bag, on your bed or on the couch. Cats are very touchy creatures and remember that any damage they ever evil. If you unjustly scolded the cat, closed her behind the door, forced to do something against her will – expect surprises. They will not keep you waiting. And if you dare to scold the cat’s antics, only make it worse. It is better to go to the world.

Don’t make mistakes
The first mistake is when owners believe that the kitten will learn everything on their own. The kitten should be accustomed to the tray with his first steps around the house, because later will be too late. The kid just needed your instruction, show him where to go to the toilet, otherwise he will choose the place by myself, and you don’t unlearn chosen for the toilet area.

The second mistake is that owners forget that their child takes everything literally. If the kitten was punished for a puddle, but not shown where to go, he will think only one thing: I don’t want to be punished and I will do everything in secret. As a result, you get piles and puddles in the most unexpected places.

If the kitten was previously divorced from his mother, you must help him learn to use his tray. Take the kitten after a meal at his latrine, seat, gently holding one hand and stroking his belly. All kittens often feel the desire to go to the bathroom immediately after eating, and, therefore, the result you will receive almost instantly.

The behavior of a kitten will tell you if he wants to use the toilet. A desire to recover, he begins to mastitis on the floor, and his eyes glaze over. At this point, you must quickly move the kitten on the tray, not frightening. In any case do not yell at the kitten, the more beat – such actions you absolutely will not achieve anything.

Of course, we pointed out not all of the principles of organization of the litter. However, if you acknowledge the cat an equal member of your family, she will love you back and respect. Remember that the desires of your pet, we must respect and see things through his eyes. It just needs to solve many important problems. By applying the basic rules of behavior with a cat you will be able to easily find a common language with her. It is impossible to tell the cat to punish or humiliate her, because with her you can always negotiate, even if it is small. The main thing – to have this desire.

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