How to teach your cat to use the toilet, or Custom tray

Someone will cause resentment one thought that such an intimate hygiene as the toilet have to share with a cat. And someone, on the contrary, in this perspective refers approvingly. Most cat owners will find plenty of benefits that a cat peeing not in the tray and right into the toilet: and no smell, and the tray to be cleaned every day is not necessary, and the filler for the toilet is not scattered. And so on how to teach a cat to use the toilet thinking many kotovladeltsev.

But, it turns out that there is a system of training cats to use the toilet. This system is tested (quite successfully!) and approved not one hundred cat lovers. And if you set out to teach your cat to use the toilet, you should take advantage of this “technique”. However, for its successful implementation need to consider some points.

First things first, it is necessary to understand that learning to use the toilet can a cat of any age. But! Training an adult animal will take more time, but if your pet is too young, he just can not cope with this “program”. Therefore, it is best to accustom to the toilet of a kitten in age from three months to a year.

And another condition. Before you teach a cat to use the toilet you must teach her to use the tray. And only pan! Moreover, the tray must be permanent and “mandatory” toilet. If the litter tray is not in the toilet, and in another place, then you need to gradually move it to the toilet. Do this by moving the tray towards the toilet every day for twenty centimeters. Depending on the character and feelings of “shame” for your pet, this step may take a long time. But to start training only when the kitten goes in the tray, standing next to the toilet.

If your kitten accustomed to the tray, not naughty and not looking for another “toilet”, we can safely begin his training, which lasts about a month and takes place in several stages.

Grow to a new toilet
How long will this phase, depends exclusively on the characteristics and temperament of your pet. On average, the first stage of training cats to use the toilet lasts from ten days to one month. But, it is not excluded that to grow to the new toilet you will be able in a week, and maybe you will need more than one month. The purpose of this stage of the training is to raise the tray to the height of the toilet. But it must be done so that the kitten never noticed this “growth”.

For this you need to gradually put under the tray of Newspapers and magazines, raising it above the floor an inch or two or three (or more) a day. Calculate the speed of ascent so that in about ten days, the tray is “grown” to the level of the toilet. But if you calculated the growth rate of the tray affect the behavior of the animal, reduce speed. So you teach the kitten to jump in the tray and it will gradually get used to the altitude. The main thing here is patience on your part. Do not scold the kitten and do not put in the tray forcibly, so as to accustom the cat to the toilet solely on her goodwill.

Get acquainted with the new toilet
Once the tray is “grown” to the height of the toilet, go to the next stage – the consolidation of skills. This will require two or three days time, even the innate curiosity of your pet. At this stage, the kitten should get used to the sight of the toilet. Most likely a simple contemplation of it will not stop there and will try to explore this new and interesting object. Not to suppress scientific inquiry. Give the kitten the opportunity to explore the seat. Importantly, at this point, nothing is scared. Therefore, make sure of the stability of the Assembly, remove from bowl circle cover, remove anything that can fall and scare the kitten, keep the cart in the toilet in his presence. Otherwise, a scared animal will never want to master the toilet and, especially, to use it as a tray.

Moved to the new toilet
And now the kitten is on it (on the toilet), not afraid of anything, jumping around the room like a young goat, but with the need of celebrating is still in the tray. And a logical question arises: how to teach your kitten to the bowl to the tray?

The second stage is just the beginning of this “training”. At this point, the tray moves on the toilet seat. How to do it? Also gradually: on the first day the tray is shifted on the toilet one quarter (three quarters rely on a stack of Newspapers). The next day, the tray should be half on the toilet, half on the paper. And if the kitty on all your manipulations react calmly and not showing discontent, then on the third day the tray is fully placed on the toilet. Putting the tray on the seat, secure it (for example, double-sided tape) to keep it stationary during movement of the kitten. And don’t forget to remove the newspaper as far away from her kitties. Otherwise, the kitty itself is a pile of Newspapers uses as a toilet.

Developing new toilet
The final and most important stage is “weaning” the kitten from the pan. At this stage we need to make sure that the tray remained in place, but the kitten was unavailable. Cover the tray with adhesive tape crosswise, so that the kitten in there couldn’t fit. And don’t forget between “unavailable” pan and the rim of the toilet to save space where the animal could recover. Already accustomed to go to the toilet in this place, the cat will use on purpose left free space.

Another variant of the final stage. The tray is quite clean, and the inside of the toilet to put (hang) the plastic strip with a width of ten to fifteen centimeters mound at her filler. Dig it a kitten I can, and sit on the strip – no. And be forced to pee sitting on the toilet rim. They say that this option is more effective and is less painful for the animal.

And you can try to do without the filler on the tape. Just take the tray out of sight (and Newspapers there) to smell which emanates from him (no matter how well you washed the tray) did not provoke the cat to search. Animal jumps on the toilet, as usual, and how it was used and the tray is not! And it is nowhere! What remains smart pussy? Only to do his business while sitting on the toilet.

Possible problems and their solution
At the last stage already inspired by the success of the host can trap the main difficulty: the animal refuses to go to the toilet and persistently demands to return his tray. Don’t argue! Bring the toilet back on and try again. Well, if you won’t do it again, use the trick.

Start in the center of the tray to cut a hole. At first very little, then a little wider, then wider still, until of a tray, there will be only bumpers. Throw bumpers, and rejoice in the success! This cunning method a longer but more reliable. Cases of complete failures in using this technique is unknown (unless, of course, do everything according to the rules).

Most importantly, before you can teach a cat to go to the toilet, please be patient. This process can be very long, but worth it. No smell, no spending on filler or nervous meowing early in the morning (if the tray is full) – beauty! And the hostess is happy and the cat happy with my custom tray. And what else is needed?

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