How to take good photos of your dog

To make a nice picture of a pet is not easy. Here are some tips from professionals.

1. Let the dog run.
Take her outside and let it run for an hour before shooting. More likely that the dog will sit still, and protruding tongue pass for a smile.
2. Remove the flash.
Attempt to compensate for the lack of coverage will lead to the fact that the animal will turn red, blue or yellow eyes. Shoot in natural light – early morning or just before sunset. For street shots choose a shady area to reduce the brightness. At home it is better to put a pet in front of a Sunny window.
3. Bend down to pet.
Making “portrait” dogs (cats), get on your knees and lower the camera on the height growth of the pet. In the group photo don’t put animals at the feet of the people. According to professionals, the is much cuter when the visible face of all participants in shooting together.
4. Point it look.
To get the dog’s attention for a second before shooting opisite toy for the camera. A laser pointer will be of interest to a capricious cat.

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