How to sew clothes for dogs: fashion with their hands

Dressed in funny pants or a little dress, a little dog unwittingly causing many affection. The world already has a fashion industry that provide these tiny animals special makeup, hairstyles and, of course, offering stylish clothes. Some dog lovers give their Pets more attention than themselves. For Pets creates a real Paradise: a beautiful velvet couches and pillows, baskets, toys, comfy ware, all kinds of accessories. And, accordingly, they selected exclusive closet.

For dogs girls owners often choose such clothes like tunics, dresses and tops with skirts. Little dogs dressed up in shorts and pants in combination with shirts and blouses. If you like brutal and stylish, macho, then on the powerful torso of a bulldog you can wear a bright tee shirt with a cool inscription. Also for such animals very funny look bright vests. If your pet needs an outfit for a special occasion, you will be able to find in stores real evening dress or elegant suit with a tie.

Many dog breeds can wear any clothes from the store — the main thing that the size was appropriate. Especially lucky in this regard, the owners of miniature Pets, because for them there is a whole industry of fashion. But some dog breeds who have a special body structure, for example, muscular bulldog or delicate and graceful, the Chinese crested requires special clothes tailoring — outfits under the order. But you can make them yourself.

The result of your work has pleased you, surprised friends and, most importantly, good sat on your dog, not causing her any discomfort, you need to understand that clothes for animals has certain characteristics. And pay attention to it be sure, because only in this case, you will be able to stitch models are not just beautiful but comfortable. If you have ever wondered what clothes for dogs sold in stores, we could make sure that we offer things like universal would not make a difference between, for example, for long-haired and short-haired animals.

Need to know if your pet belongs to a shaggy dog breeds, then when sewing to avoid inserts of elastic in cuff, because in those places on his body where they will RUB against the wool, can form unsightly lumps. Instead of zippers and drawstrings in clothes makes sense to sew the Velcro and buttons, because otherwise you can hurt the animal if the fur will be caught to buckle.

To make things for dogs that appearance will not differ from the store, and the functionality is even able to exceed them, you can not do without a sewing machine. With its help, the clothes will be more accurate, and time on the job, you will spend less than you need for manual process. Additionally, you will also need:

  • patterns
  • tracing
  • scissors
  • chalk or soap
  • yarn and needles
  • thimble
  • centimeter
  • pins

As for materials and fabrics that will surely fit your old clothes that no business gathering dust in the closet. The course will also old sweaters and shirts of her husband. But if you want to create a glamorous outfit for her pet, the selection of fabrics in store is so wide that to find yourself in is not problematic. Do not forget about accessories, without which to sew clothes for dogs as impossible as for us humans. So please be from buttons, rubber bands, Velcro, rhinestones and sequins.

If you want to sew your dog a fashionable and practical closet you need to get the pattern. Ready-made options can be found without much difficulty, but to be as original and try to make them yourself, because of the special difficulty here. The following describes the methods of construction of patterns and sewing help to make the most popular clothes for Pets.

Romper and blanket universal
Dog owners know that animals sometimes it is necessary to protect the wool from rain, snow and mud. Especially need your Pets small breeds, because they are very sensitive to cold. Therefore, the jumpsuit is simply irreplaceable, because it is very convenient. When choosing fabric, you must give preference to light and insensitive to moisture content: the waterproof fabric, microfiber, Bologna and so on. If your goal is to warm clothes, you will need a lining that can be done and removable. Just remember that for long-haired dogs fabric that will be inside the suit, should be smooth and slick to the touch to avoid the appearance of unsightly tangles from the animal.

This pattern will consist of three parts, namely: two lateral sides and a wedge which they need to be fastened on the stomach of the dog. As for the clasp, it is assumed on the back as buttons, zippers (if the animal has short hair), buttons, and so on. In cuffs, you can insert elastic or Velcro — the choice depends, again, on the length of fur your pet.

First, you have to take basic and necessary for the construction of the pattern measurements. With the help of a centimeter, determine the length of the back of the dog and its paws, the height at the withers, the distance between the front legs and chest capacity. All these measurements must be transferred to the paper patterns and connect. Thus you will have the pattern side of the jumpsuit. It can be transferred to the cloth, not forgetting the tolerances on the seams.

As for the way we sew, originally should connect the two major parts of the sidewall. Leave a margin for the length of the legs and adjust it after fitting, inserting rubber bands or Velcro. Now the most difficult adjustment for the dog of the width of the second part of the wedge. How correctly do you calculate its size, comfort depends on the movements of your pet. Therefore it is better to do this after the sides are sewn together. We left nothing — to invent the zipper. The easiest way to sew Velcro flap along the length of the wedge, but if you want you can Tinker and astrocity zip. For wet weather, clothes should complement the hood. In General, stop you can only own imagination.

If you do not know how to sew, but still want to try their own hands to make any piece of clothing for your pet or pet, the blanket is the most simple and good way for beginners masters. These clothes, like overalls, can be warm, having a lining of sintepon, provide the dog protection from rain, if made of raincoat fabric, as well as protect from the scorching sun in summer days when used for sewing linen or cotton.

Sew blanket is very easy. The pattern will be a rectangle in which:

  • the big side — the sum of the lengths of the back of the dog from collar to root of tail and belly to the last rib plus poluobhvat her neck;
  • the minor side — poluobhvat chest of the animal at the widest place.

In the resulting pattern do not forget to make a hole where you will place the head of your pet. The very clothing should be turned down binding and on the sides to sew the rope with which the blanket will stay on the dog. A more complex option may be a blanket with holes for the legs and strap with a Velcro closure. If desired, add in the clothes and even the hood or make a beautiful collar.

Dress for petite breeds
Small dog lady are very little. Owner buy or sew independently and casual clothes for pet, and these festive outfits for the release of “into the light”, the glamorous and charming. Fabrics are selected for this variety. Although, of course, for everyday use still preferable natural materials, as any dog is prone to suffer from the heat. So there is no need to create more and more “greenhouse effect” alongside her in synthetics..

The proposed version of the pattern and workmanship of the dress your tiny dog is perfect for summer walks and to visit friends. It all depends on what fabric you will use in the work on its creation. In any case, the material need to choose light and thin to wear does not restrict movement of the dog and not cause her any inconvenience, or your pet simply refuses to wear the outfit, and your hard work will go down the drain.

With the help of a centimeter, determine the volume of the torso and chest of the animal, the distance between the feet and the length from the beginning of the neck to mid-torso. The pattern will consist of three main parts: the back, the chest part and skirt. As in the first case overalls, made measurements on transfer paper for tracing paper so that you get two independent drawing.

As for the skirt, then her pattern is not necessary because you will be able to take a piece of cloth, equal in length to the volume of the dog multiplied by two, and a width of up to twenty centimeters. After you cut out the back and the chest part of the future dresses from fabric, sew them together at the sides. Golovinka is to treat satin ribbon, decorate with rhinestones or beads. Now you can sew a skirt, and the edge delay of the same ribbon or binding.

Shirt and vest for pet
If you are a happy owner of a miniature dog, you’ll want to dress up a pet in a fashionable shirt or a cute vest. It is not only the ladies-the dogs need to look stylish and elegant, right? For example, as is the shirt, you can make a top or shirt for pet. And the vest is suitable not only for miniature dogs, but for large members of this family.

So, to sew this garment, you should take your measurements. Determine with the help of centimeter length and volume of the torso and front paws of your pet. The pattern will be two main parts — the back and lower sides (need two pieces). Transfer made measurements on the paper for cutting and connect to make a shape of necessary parts of the model. Don’t forget about the hole for the neck and the allowances for seams. Now cut the details of the upcoming shirts from the pre-selected tissue. After smachivaniya and fitting can proceed to the final sew. So the clothes sat well and looked nice on the dog, to match with the help of Velcro fasteners and make the collar stand.

As for the vests, then to make it even easier. You can use a different fabric, because it all depends on for what purposes you want to sew the clothing for dogs. If it is necessary to warm a pet in the cold, choose a thick fleece or a soft drape. For summer time year you can use any fabric you like, the main thing — do not forget about naturalness.

The basis for the pattern will be: the length of the back and chest to the last rib of the dog and the girth of the torso and chest. Made measure move on the paper for the pattern. But it should be noted that details of you have any more two — back (two halves) and bottom. Once before you will be drawings of the necessary parts of the jacket, transfer on fabric, baste them and try them on. If necessary, perform the adjustment on the dog, and then sew. The clasp, which is supposed to be on the back, can perform a strap with Velcro or insert button.

Boots for the baby
Shoes for dogs is often a requirement, especially in bad rainy weather or on frosty days. Make it yourself easy. You need to take measurements on all four paws of the pet, putting them to paper and outlining the contour (just make a seam). Then determine the height of the limb from the floor to the joint of the wrist and the thickness at the widest place. Since the pattern of the soles are ready, proceed to drawing the shaft.

It will be a rectangle in which length is the height of the future footwear, and the width — thickness legs. Now transfer the results onto the fabric, cut it out, Setevaya and sew. The outer part of the sole made of leather or thin rubber, and the inside is made of felt and underlying tissue. So the dog was comfortable, sew the sole seam to the outer shaft, which is then possible to impregnate another and glue waterproof.

As for fixing the shoes on the feet, it is better to use ordinary sewing elastic. Remember that dogs need to run and jump on the walk. So make small slits at the level of the joint of the wrist and pass through them elastic. After adjustment, stitch it or leave ends for tying, fixing them with knots that didn’t come out of the holes.

If you don’t want to sew, remember that many dogs need their personal closet not for the sake of beauty and fun. So get them something that can protect it from the weather. Because in this climate a miniature short-haired animals just freeze, so for them, clothing is a vital necessity. Warm overalls are designed so that they do not hamper the dog’s movement and allow your pet to frolic freely in the fresh air.

Except suits, for petite breeds sell a warm coat and coat. When your pet is freezing, you will be able to notice it — he immediately begins to tremble. Also watch out that the dog was not overheating — it’s not going in her favor. If there are no severe frosts, then you can wear a jacket on the animal, and in rainy weather — a raincoat. And don’t forget the shoes! You as the hostess will be pleased that the dog when returning from a walk will not have to wash the feet.

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