How to protect a pet from Christmas problems?

Make sure that the new year turned into trouble for your Pets.

To the new year and Christmas holidays are turned into trouble for your Pets, be aware of some precautions.

So that nothing is swallowed

If the house cat, it is not necessary to decorate the Christmas tree or tinsel rain. Cats love to play with Christmas decorations, and they can be swallowed – especially attracted by the rain. Such incidents are dangerous for the animal. Is that the cat itself gets rid of the whole lump of rain with vomiting. But most of the rain in the sky, in a long thread across the intestine and you can only get him surgically.

Dogs usually swallow the champagne corks.

Not scared

Fireworks – the whole ordeal for some dogs. Since the holidays we have delayed for a long time, particularly susceptible animals is carried out in tension for one week. To prepare for the New year your pet using homeopathic remedies. For example, the use of the drug phosphorus-Homaccord will reduce the excitability of the dog. But to start it should be about a month before the New year.

In order not to get hurt

Other dogs rather like to hunt for firecrackers. Running up too close to them, the dog can get a concussion, injury, burns or even injuries. It is better to leave your dog at home when you go to launch fireworks.

To not damage the paws

In the winter, don’t forget to monitor your Pets ‘ paws – dog walking on city streets often suffer from dermatitis of the pads because of the special road chemicals and salt. To avoid this, wear dogs shoes or after each outing, rinse paws with soap and water and lubricate emollients. At the pet store you can buy a special balm for paws.

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