How to make Pets?

An answer to the eternal question of how to make a cat with a dog.

Inevitably, they will decide among themselves the question of “who’s the boss?”. Be on the lookout for the establishment of peace between animals of the authority of the master is important!

1. Dog meets dog
Try to establish a first contact between dogs on a walk. Collision “a forehead in a forehead” the house can only delay the process of habituation. Save for the usual senior dog hierarchy: it must remain in the main pack. Show this as follows: if both animals show aggression (growling, ready to fight), order to terminate, you must first “brand new”, even if the first started the other dog. The older and stronger the dog should be fed first, to give her a little more attention.

2. Two cats
They often need more time getting used to than dogs. In the early days, leaving the house, seal the room with a new animal to the cat in your absence could keep your distance and get used to the smell of each other. Let the old-timers in the newbie room and stay in it, doing their business, so it will be easier to prevent possible flash of aggression. If everything goes smoothly, you go to the usual rhythm of life. But don’t be surprised if sometimes (especially at night) menacing hiss will issue another round of showdown. If the case comes to a fight, do not interfere.

3. Dog meets cat
Here it is necessary also to resort to the method of being kept in different rooms. Dog-timer is sure to be jealous of the owner, therefore, in the period of meeting acknowledge her good behavior, to suppress aggression. Let the dog sniff the cat in the hands of someone close to you. Make sure that the cat was able to escape out of reach for the dog place (house height).

A jet of water from a spray bottle – easy to understand and safe way to stop an attack of aggression of a dog or cat.

Like the children in their Pets?