How to make cat and dog: the ways of peaceful coexistence

As-that has long been the custom to assume that cat and dog — eternal enemies. And really, how many times have we seen dogs chase Mouser, and they do not remain in debt and in response bring out sharp claws, often paying aggressively configured barking brethren in flight. Peaceful coexistence won’t work here, what can we say about the friendship between these animals. But are they always at war? Is it possible to impart such different domestic Pets sympathy? Let’s think about how to make friends with cat and dog.

To this question no single answer. Zoologists believe that true friendship between animals of different species practically does not exist. Peaceful coexistence between a cat and a dog, which people often refer to a manifestation of sincere affection, the experts consider it more of a truce and mutual tolerance. And even the fact that Pets are sleeping together, is not evidence of true friendship between them. However, to reconcile different animal. There are three terms, observing that to make friends with a dog and a cat it is possible.

Fundamental behavioral differences native “enemies”
Most people think you have a cat much easier. Because the dog requires not only all forms of affection, care, and regular walking, but also communication. But the felines in this respect — animals are more hardy. They will come to you on hands if wants to get their portion of the stroking and scratching, and will try to retreat when they are tired of it.

Dogs take in your pack the whole family of the hostess or host, sympathetic to all, including children, and with the proper education and recognize the power of man. Cats are also very independent and rather allow themselves to love than feel it themselves. Often they are quite aggressive towards children, especially if they appeared after were brought into the house purring.

Almost all dogs are by nature hunters. They laid in the blood that the intended game you need to catch up and eat. And even the size of the “production”, which is several times greater than their own, dogs do not stop. Cats are also predators by their inner essence, only they hunt for smaller game, showing their inherent prudence and a sober assessment of the forces, if I may say so in relation to animals.

Even the habits of the two species are very different. It is enough to recall that in some cases, each of them wagging the tail. The dog thus demonstrates friendliness, sympathy and a desire to play. The cat is such behavior suggests that she was angry, annoying, unnerving or very interested. Strong tail twitching from side to side serves as a warning about the possible use of the claws to the source of unwanted emotions.

In most cases the cat against dog occupies a leading position. He’s smarter and always is able to avoid direct conflict, he climbed to unattainable heights, or indifferent, having escaped from his eyes. But if the leader is a dog, it can easily cause Mouser neighbor harm, choosing the most opportune moment for punishment. After quickly flashing paws and fluffy tail humming talking to the dog about what is a potential prey flees.

In addition, dangerous for a cat can be a dog bowl, because he would not let another animal to his manger. At the same time, the mewing furry creature is also not so defenseless: his sharp claws can cause other pet a lot of harm, especially if your pet is still a puppy. In this case, as in others, both animals in the house require great attention from the owners to the stress from the appearance of the neighbor is not exacerbated by the open hostility. All these differences between the two types and form the basis of their uneasy relationship and long-standing mutual hostility. That is why it is difficult for them to understand each other, and without your help and friendship will not work.

Give the cat a puppy
People often wonder, who better to have first — dog or cat? But usually we are talking about how to get someone else of them, since most of us in the house lives a pet. If you still have no four-legged Pets, and want to have a cat and a dog, it is best to do it at the same time. And be sure to take the puppy and kitten, because in a small age they will easily get used to this neighborhood, will treat each other with sympathy and interest, will learn tolerance and become good companions for children pranks.

In this case, special problems with them in the future will not have, especially if you give them an equal amount of attention to one of the Pets don’t feel deprived. Yes, and zoologists claim that raised together puppy and kitten in the future, even after a long separation to know each other. This contributes to the strong relationship that emerged between animals in childhood. It is known that babies recognize the animals “own” all those around them from an early age. So the puppy grew up with the kitten, will take him as a member of the pack. So between kids will have friendship and even a kinship, which to the delight of the owners will guarantee peace in adult life and make existence under the same roof without conflict.

If you have a cat, it is best to take the puppy 3-12 weeks. Baby and adult animal in the house get along easily, especially if the first time does not allow them to take too close a contact as a puppy, always tuned friendly and wants to play with a cat, you may meet resistance. Better to start to try to introduce the Pets at a distance. Moreover, it is important to give the cat attention, she thought with the arrival of a new animal, she became less a favorite.

Cats — animals are smart, they’re quick on your feet, who owe the loss of the championship in the master’s love. It is fraught with manifestation on their part vindictive, and treacherous and secretive. So Pat the cat as often as you used to, she did not have a reason to hate the little “stranger”. Don’t let the puppy annoy her, biting her tail, ears or tumbling from the top. Be aware of the fact that dogs do not understand the signs of irritation that are inherent in the cat, so often not prepared for the fact that she rushes too Intrusive “friend” and gives him a lesson in “good manners”.

That you are well familiar with such methods of prevention, how desperately twitching its tail and hissing. And inexperienced “outsider” is unlikely to respond properly, quickly abramsis home. Therefore, the slightest display of irritation from the furry creatures should be a signal to you to prevent the puppy closer to purring. In the future he will realize when it should stop too hard to be friendly to keep your eyes and ears in one piece from the cat’s sharp claws.

With regard to aggressiveness on the part of the puppy, this should not be afraid because of his age and natural friendliness. Some time later, he quickly realizes that the creature is not able to bark and growl, for it is not a threat (if the purring would not show increased intolerance and hatred, by attacking without cause). It happens so that your whiskered pet or favorite, seeing how the new “family member” defenseless, could take him under his wing, or will treat the dog with indifference. In both cases, frequent conflicts and bloodshed will be avoided.

Learn about how did you get any sympathy from the cats to the puppy, without much difficulty — quite carefully watch her behavior. If your purring darling bites the dog’s tail, rests on the place or even the dog climbs on top of him, it means that it refers to “newbie” quite friendly. If you notice that the puppy is characteristic poses and a wagging tail, calling for a cat to play, you can be sure that he expresses to her his sympathy and readiness to maintain peace.

In this case, you can take a breath and relax, because the question of friendship between Pets is solved in the right direction, and half of the worries are already over. To consolidate the achieved success at the first such gesture of sympathy on the part of the dog should soothingly Pat the cat, since it is hardly clear what the puppy wants from her. Now we just need time, so she can learn how to get involved with the baby.

Cat and adult dog
Animals that are already in Mature age, to make friends among themselves very difficult. A little easier this process takes place in the case if they have previously had experience of coexistence with the “enemy camp”. In other situations it is better good to consider such a move and weigh whether there is enough of you and your family strength, patience and time for the complex process of bringing Pets. Be prepared for the fact that peace can not be achieved, and you will have to choose which of the two people left in the house, and who would have to leave, as harsh as it may sound.

Very much depends on the atmosphere of the first meeting future neighbors, so the acquaintance of a cat with an adult dog should be more careful. If she’s in panic and fear immediately run away from the dog, thwarting all attempts on his part to catch up with the elusive “wild”. Command the dog to “sit”, praise for the performance of the team. She needs to understand that if you will treat the cat peacefully and will not to chase her, the owner always praise and encourage. But in the early days of Dating between Pets adult best dog to wear a muzzle and not to remove the leash to at any time to hold his pet.

You should understand that the cat will require a lot of time to get used to the presence of another animal in the house and adjust to the new neighborhood. Often it takes a few months or even more, especially if previously your favorite did not experience with dogs. To the process of habituation and adaptation took less time and was not too traumatic for the emotional state of both animals, make sure that the cat always had a place where she could feel safe.

At first, this “oasis of comfort” make a large Desk. The ideal option would be another room where the dog cannot. There you need to put a bowl of food and place house, if the pussy likes to sleep in it. Remember that to the tray for the administration of natural needs of the dog you have to close, otherwise it will create inconvenience for the cat, and then for you, because it maybe out of fear refuse to use it. Experts advise in advance to make some changes in the existing animal, then he was easier to adapt and accept the emergence of a “stranger” on its territory.

The dog and the new neighbor kitten
Special care and attention should be exercised in the case when the house already has a dog and the kitten. After all, if your dog is due to natural instinct is always treated cats wary and hostile, even with a young and still very defenseless member of their species will have problems. If the dog has always been tolerant of the cat family, problems with their future coexistence should arise. Therefore please assess the temperament and behavioral characteristics of your four-legged pet, to understand about its possible reaction to a new neighborhood.

When you bring home a second pet, whether a kitten or puppy, the first of them should be arranged under close control and closely monitor the response of the animals to each other. Newbie needs a bit to learn, adapt in an unfamiliar environment, and someone in the house has hosted for a long time, should be given the opportunity to get used to the smell of “stranger”. Do not force your Pets to get acquainted forced to do it at a distance, unobtrusive. Experienced breeders suggest prior acquaintance with the new “tenant” have a good walk the dog and then feed her. In this case you will save the animal from further cause for concern and will reduce its aggressiveness.

If possible, try first two or three days to isolate the mustachioed kid and the dog, placing them in different rooms. In this case, they will not see each other, but you can get used to the smell, feeling the close proximity. After the settlement immediately feed both Pets (even if the dog is already fed, she won’t refuse to eat something tasty). This will create pleasant associations — a strange smell and the food. So the dog will quickly accept a new neighbor.

You should continue to feed the kitten with the dog in the same room, but at a considerable distance from each other, it is best to organize the process of eating in different corners of the room. This will help to ensure that not only the smell of another pet will be perceived positively, but to his mind the dog would react favorably, since the feeding to any animal is a joyful time of life. If the kitten and the dog will start to eat from the same bowl, try this immediately to stop and prevent in the future. This is a necessary condition for future peaceful co-existence, because each should have its own feeding area.

Make sure that the kitten ate, and put away his dishes, because dogs are saturated faster and are always happy to empty another bowl, letting small and defenseless “stranger”. You should always be alert and to exercise justice, showing Pets equal treatment to both. So you show them the hardness of the master’s hand and love. When your pet is fully accustomed to each other, they will not only play together, and relax, but often even to care for each other — to wash or clean the ears.

In addition to the above, pondering over the difficult problem of how to make friends with two very different animals, it should be remembered that the pet, who already lived in the house, will always consider himself the master and the other will perceive as an outsider encroaching on his property and territory. Therefore, it is important to give both Pets the same amount of attention so they don’t have to be jealous of each other.

In addition to the separate bowls for food, animals must have their own personal space for sleeping, dressing trays, toys. If the puppy gets into the house, where he lives an adult cat, you must amuse him, so that it is less molested mustachioed lady. The same applies to the kitten, which lived together with the dog. But in both cases it is important to make sure that the Pets did not have to compete for your attention.

A special period is a time when the cat cubs. Right now she’s mad and hectic, so it is better not to bring home new animals. This is due to the fact that the cat is protecting their offspring, can cause serious injury to another pet. But if you do decide during this period to settle in the dog house, try to limit contact between Pets. It is best to relocate the cat with the kittens in such a quiet and dark place where the dog cannot enter.

Of course, every home is different: at someone the dog and the cat sweetly sleep together and lick each other, someone pretend that the second pet is not easy, and sometimes it happens so, that mustachioed friend had to move to the mezzanine to save his own skin. To predict the development of relations between such different animals nobody can.

Whatever situation you have, you will be able to make friends with a cat and dog or no, in any case, have patience, reasonableness, be careful with the Pets, give them more affection and then open war between representatives of the warring families would be avoided.

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