Hanging fish, big and small

Aquariums can be seen today in homes, offices, hospitals and restaurants. They can be quite tiny for a single fish, or replace a whole wall. Recently in Vogue aquariums with exotic fish. These fish are usually a fortune, so caring for them is best left to professionals. If you want to buy a home aquarium and not know which one to choose, which to buy fish and what to do with all this, our article is for you.

They say that fish calm, and indeed it is. The contemplation of the silent and mysterious water world has a positive effect on our nervous system, helps to restore normal blood circulation and extinguishes anger. Scientists recommend near the aquarium at least 10 minutes each day.

They say that fish don’t require a reverent care. Say, bought this aquarium, poured the water, threw back the fish and you can admire them, but don’t forget to feed them. But it is not so. In fact, aquarium fish require less nursing care than dogs, for example. Of course, fish don’t need to walk, but to sustain life in the aquarium must be properly arrange, monitor the flow of oxygen to clean the walls from decay products and algae, change the water and more. Let’s get together with Womie will understand how to properly care for aquarium fish.

Buying and setting up an aquarium

Start by selecting a fish tank. The shape and size of the aquarium will depend on how comfortable the fish will feel it. When choosing an aquarium, consider the following nuances:

  • the aquarium is small in size, the water is polluted much faster than in large;
  • think beforehand what kind of fish you want to buy, because the larger the fish, the more aquarium they need;
  • pay attention to the shape of the aquarium, how easy will it be to maintain it (wash, change the water, etc.) depends on it.

The aquarium purchased, but do not rush to settle there fish. The aquarium should be thoroughly cleaned, fill them with water and let stand for 2-3 days, then water should be drained. Some fish can live in an empty tank, but mostly for the normal life of the fish required sand, algae, pebbles, etc. So fill the bottom of the aquarium washed sand and plant algae. Plants not only decorate the aquarium, they are great to saturate the water with oxygen. In the design of the aquarium you can also use shells, driftwood, etc., but do not overdo it.

Be careful with choosing the place for the aquarium. Do not place the aquarium in direct sunlight, near a TV or other noisy places. Take care of additional lighting and equip aquarium filters. To avoid clogging of the aquarium decay products move in a few snails.

The water in the aquarium needs to be changed. Recommended every week to replace some of the water in the aquarium fresh. Model the volume of water depends on the total volume of the aquarium: the bigger the tank, the less water needs to be replaced.

Selection of fish

When choosing fish you need to consider many factors. Some fish cannot live in water whose temperature is below 20 degrees (mollies, cichlids, etc.), while others thrive in cool water (Rudd, Orfe, Gambusia, etc.). When buying fish important to consider their compatibility and not to settle of cold-water fish with warm-water, active with passive etc.

It is very important to repot newly purchased fish in the aquarium. To do this, for hours to add to the capacity with purchased fish water from the aquarium, the fish will gradually get used to aquarium water parameters and be ready to transplant into a new house.

In detail ask the seller, what and in what quantities it is better to feed your fish. In pet stores today you can buy any food. It is not necessary to overfeed the fish, it may have a negative impact on their ability to reproduce and to significantly reduce life expectancy.

Caring for fish may seem very complicated, but this is only the beginning. It will be a month or two and all the worries associated with fish, you just stop noticing, because they will be an integral part of your everyday life.

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