Feathered miracle

At home if you suffer from silence and solitude, get a parrot. This cheerful bird suddenly dispel grief and raise the spirits. Parrot does not need to walk, and its content requires a significant investment. But if you are patient enough person and have at least a little bit of teaching talent, your parrot will be able to speak.

Parrot: what to choose?

The decision was made! Parrot to be! Now you need to decide what parrot breed is best to choose. The most common Pets meet budgies. These birds are ideal for families in which children grow up. Budgerigars are very good-natured, but because of the small size of even the most audacious and pugnacious wavy parrot will not be able to cause serious harm to humans.

Lovers of exotic will attract more parrots breeds such as:

  • Jaco;
  • Amazon;
  • cockatoo.

Parrot Jacko reaches 35 cm in length. This somewhat wayward bird, a very good psychologist. She manages to accurately feel the mood of the owner. Life expectancy Jaco is 50-90 years. Tamed bird can play more than hundreds of words, with the accuracy of copying the voices of family members to sing simple melodies.

Parrot KARELA nearly double wavy parrot. KARELA is very quickly tamed, and if you buy his little boy, he will be faithful to you until the end of life.

Parrot breeds, Amazon is known for its talkativeness. Speak, he was almost silent.

The biggest suitable for home maintenance parrot is a cockatoo. Its length often reaches 70 cm Cockatoos are very sociable and has a friendly nature. But don’t want to anger the bird with its powerful beak, it can seriously cut you. So, if you have a house with small children, to have such a parrot is not recommended.

Features of the content of parrots

Having made the decision to have a parrot, should provide for him a comfortable place to stay. Small enough parrot cage for large parrot aviary is necessary.

What better to put the cage with the parrot? Parrots are very susceptible to colds, so the cage should have a warm place away from drafts. In the cage must be feeding, drinking and roost. Even here it is possible to supply the tank with crushed egg shell and river sand. These components are necessary for the normal parrot digestion.

The cell is ready, food bought, you brought the bird home. Parrot needs some time to settle and get used to the new place of residence. For the first few weeks try to protect it from any stress: do not turn on loud music, do not touch the bird with your hands and don’t let the cage other Pets. Soon the parrot will get used to you and stop being afraid.

Food for cats sold in any pet store, it is a grain mixture. The main diet can be supplemented with seeds, sprouted grain, stems and leaves of some plants (dandelions, clover, spinach etc), fruits and berries.

Interesting facts about parrots

Parrots some breeds are especially talkative, they can easily perceive it and can easily play their favorite word. In the presence of talking parrots need to carefully “filter” the speech, avoiding abusive words and expressions. Otherwise, to wean the bird to swear would be virtually impossible. All parrots, regardless of breed, Wake up with the sunrise and sleep after sunset. So be prepared for early rises and not put a cage with a parrot in the bedroom, if you like to sleep in.

Proper care greatly extends the life of the parrot. Be careful about your home pet, and he will long please you with its funny tweets.


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