Dogs Chihuahua – a fad or the perfect companion?

Dog Chihuahua is one of the oldest representatives of the dog world. These fascinating creatures with the big eyes, large ears and tiny body, despite their ridiculous size, have really cheeky character and is not afraid of almost nothing. This breed gained worldwide popularity and Chihuahuas are among toy dogs occupy a special mesosomic Chihuahuas have always been favorites of breeders older age, but nowadays the breed is popular with many people of different age groups. The characteristics of this breed make it a real boon for some people and at the same time the worst option for others.

Historical facts about Chihuahua

Until now worldwide there are heated debates about the origin of this ancient breed, and its history full of legends, mysteries and myths. Among the most basic theories about the homeland of Chihuahua, it is possible to allocate three most common. One of them, the “roots” cihacek are in Europe, they have the Eastern trail and originate in China, but most scientists still claim that its origin this breed owes North America. As its name this group of miniature dogs got after one of the northwestern States of Mexico, called Chihuahua.

In the 1800’s Chihuahua was brought to Europe by travelers from trips in the southern part of North America and immediately gained immense popularity due to its unprecedented “portability”. It should be noted also that the peak of popularity of this breed of miniature dogs have become 1960s of the year – during the Cold War and the Cuban Crisis. And in 1959 Fidel Castro gave the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev as a sign of friendship of the peoples of the two long-haired Chihuahuas. These two little hero named Duke and Duchess were the first representatives of this breed in Russia.

In the autumn of 1997 the world-famous chain of Mexican eateries, Taco Bell made the Chihuahua dog is the center of their advertising campaign, and used it as a talisman of happiness for man. Which was a huge success, this is led to increase the popularity of the network, and at the same time – to increase the demand for puppies chihuahas. Over the last ten years the popularity of the most ancient kinds of miniature dogs has increased significantly, and the little hero of this advertising campaign was nicknamed Taco Bell dog (dog Taco Bel).

The Chihuahua is a great companion and friend

Chihuahuas are considered the smallest dogs in the world, one of them was even listed in the Guinness book of records because of its absolutely ridiculous weight – 490 grams. The norm for these universal favorites is the weight of 1-3 kg, and their height at withers is normally equal to 15-23 cm

There are two main varieties of this breed – long-haired and smooth-haired dogs. Long haired Chihuahuas have long, straight or wavy, but not curly or thick hair. Smooth miniature specimens – tight coat, soft and silky to the touch, has a characteristic luster when the directional light. Each of these types Chihuahua has a whole palette of various shades of wool, as plain and combined with the spots and markings on a white color main background.

Despite its miniature size, the dog Chihuahua has a very strong physique and extraordinary liveliness and courage. These babies used to Express their love and affection to owners and it gives them special joy. Chihuahua extremely proud and active, and without proper education can be quite stubborn and obnoxious. Some representatives of this breed may have some difficulties during their training but are easy to overcome due to the exceptional intelligence and cleverness of these dogs.

Breed of dog Chihuahua is quite does not tolerate cold, so it will be very grateful for a timely placed on her before the walk warm sweater. In principle, these decorative little ones may be sufficient motor activity inside the apartment. This is especially useful for those people who don’t have a permanent opportunity periodically to walk the dog.

Chihuahua will become the residents of the city just the perfect companion because you can take it with you almost everywhere. Dogs of this breed usually alert, active and attentive, that is, have distinctive features of Terriers. They love all household members, but, nevertheless, each selects only one owner and that he she is particularly loyal.

This breed has an extraordinary stamina and good health, and the average lifespan is about 15 years.

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