Dogs and cats: care, feeding, education

“I live like a cat with a dog” – this definition is the one we used to give warring people living in the vicinity. It would seem that this statement should convince any person that the enmity between these animals is inevitable in any case. However, many of us witnessed quite peaceful coexistence of dogs and cats in the same house. So what’s the deal here? Maybe live in one house can only certain breeds? Or all depends on the nature of Pets? Let’s try to understand this issue.

Congenital hate, or instinct?
What do you think motivates a street dog chasing a cat? Maybe hatred or innate hostility? No. It also triggered the hunting instinct. With the same zeal, the dog can chase and for the person who runs after the departing bus, and for any moving object. And it frightened the cat, the dog just sniff it, bark at, showing his superiority, and calmly run in the opposite direction. Of course, if the dog is not specifically trained to hunt cats this way).

Why the cat runs away? Because by nature she’s also a hunter. Yes, she’s just afraid to reach out to those who are bigger and stronger than her. There’s an instinct of self-preservation. But small dogs cats don’t run. They become defensive, hiss, arch your back and is even able to show your claws, brushing the dog on the nose. In this situation, it departs a dog – she doesn’t want to be torn up with sharp claws.

As you can see, even on the street these animals remain on a par. What here to speak about home. By the way, in the house and outside cats and dogs behave quite differently. For cats “own” the dog and “stranger” are two opposites. However, for dogs as well. And animals instinctively know who can be friends with and who you shouldn’t.

The new tenant in the house: act based on the situation
If you already living alone pet, deciding to have a second, you may encounter some nuances. And it all depends on the age like cats and dogs. Difficult to make friends for adult animals, especially if the first appeared in the house cat. After all it long time was the only and rightful master of the territory, so it will be hard to come to terms with the advent of her new neighbor. And in this situation the cat will dominate the dog, even if it will be bigger and stronger than him.

Cats and dogs quickly get used to each other, if one pet is already an adult. Of course, the appearance fluffy and mewing lump the dog does not immediately take for granted. It is best to put the newcomer in another room and try to future friends not yet met. Let the kitten get used to a new home, and the dog will accept a new smell.

After about a week I can meet Pets. Be prepared for the fact that the kitten will accept a new neighbour aggressive: will hiss and release the claws. Such a behavior it shows the dog that can fend for themselves. First feed the animals separately, each tool its own place. Gradually, the cats and dogs get used to each other, and after a few weeks you will see them sleeping in an embrace in a secluded corner of the house.

Bringing in a house where lives an adult cat puppy, I can meet them immediately. The behavior of the cat will depend on its nature. If the maternal instinct she has developed, she will accept him as their own child. If your lady character, that discontent on her part can not be avoided.

First, she’s going to Express contempt for the new tenant, hiss at him, maybe even to release the claws, thereby showing who is the boss. Don’t worry, soon the cat will accept the existence of a neighbor. Most importantly, don’t forget to pay attention, show that you have not ceased to love her. Let them know that she was and is the mistress of the house.

The best solution is to have a kitten and puppy at the same time. Dog and cat will become best friends, if they are to grow and develop together. Stages of development of these Pets are similar to each other, so they will definitely find something to their liking. Of course, two noisy and playful pet can bring owners a lot of trouble: gnawed Slippers, broken furniture, constantly breaking curtains. But there is nothing can be done, will only accept and wait for the Pets to grow up.

Some of the features of joint care dogs and cats

  • If your dog recently became a mother, try to isolate it from the cat;
  • It is unnecessary to feed the Pets from the same bowl. If they want to share with each other, they will do it without your help;
  • Be sure to equip for cats and dogs separate beds;
  • Playing, animals can inflict serious injuries to each other. Watch out for claws of the cat – time to cut them to protect your puppy from painful scratches;
  • Give both Pets equal attention. Don’t let the appearance of jealousy on their part.

In any case, eventually the animals realize that they live in the same house and that “better a bad peace than a good quarrel”. The main thing that you helped them in this. They must feel that you need, and caring about them is a joy for you, not a painful duty.

We are responsible for those who tamed
Raising a cat and a dog, you must understand that it depends on you, how will their future life. Any pet needs constant and proper care. The process has not brought you much trouble, from the first days start to teach him a pet. Cat and dog should know his master’s hands, and certain gestures and movements. So it will be easier to carry out all the hygiene: cleaning of ears, eyes and teeth, nail trimming, bathing or washing paws after a walk.

Hygiene procedures
Grooming of dogs and cats depends on many factors: time of year, the physical condition of the animal, the length and thickness of hair. Dogs have to be bathed once in two months, using a special shampoo, as well as means of parasites (fleas and ticks). But the paws should be washed after each outing, just was washed them under running water. Cats bathe much less – it all depends on the conditions of their detention.

To trimming claws Pets is necessary to accustom since the childhood. It would be good to carry out this procedure once a week. Care of the teeth of the animal are also very important, especially for dogs. To remove plaque use a special brush and paste. If the teeth there was a stone plaque, contact the veterinary clinic, will conduct the ultrasonic cleaning procedure.

Don’t forget to regularly inspect and ears of animals. When there are no abnormalities, the pet will not object to this process. But if you notice that the cat or dog is not allowed to touch the ears and break out of hand during the inspection (though for them this was not noticed), immediately consult your doctor. And of course, don’t forget about the annual vaccination and medicine against worms that you want to give the animal 3-4 times a month.

The diet of domestic animals
This issue is of concern to owners and cats, and dogs. Often people arrive in the belief that animals have enough for a balanced supply of residues from the dinner table. This approach is fundamentally wrong! The diet of the pet must contain all the substances necessary for proper growth and development.

Good in this respect, dry and liquid feed. They already have everything you need. But remember, giving preference to the purchase of feed, be sure to consult your veterinarian. And do not chase the low price, buy feed only in the specialized stores, with a certificate of quality for its products. Otherwise nobody will be able to vouch for the health of your Pets. In this approach to feeding additional minerals and vitamins the animals are not needed.

If you decide to feed the animals with natural products, explore the recommendations listed below that will help you to make the right diet.

  • Both for cats and for dogs compulsory cereals – rice and buckwheat;
  • The meat should be chicken, beef, Turkey;
  • Fish are essential not only cats but also dogs. Be sure to remove the bones before feeding;
  • Vegetables – all except potatoes and legumes. The greens are not recommended;
  • Do not give the animal too fat milk and dairy products;
  • Eggs and offal (liver, kidney, stomach) may be given not more than 2 times per week;
  • No need to pamper the animals, feeding them from the common table. First- it is harmful. And secondly- so you hit mode, which is not very good for the health of pet;
  • Sweets cats and dogs is contraindicated.

With this feeding your pet will need some vitamin supplements. To find the right medications, contact your veterinarian.

We hope that our tips will help you in the education of four-legged friends. But if you have not yet acquired a puppy or kitten, do it! No wonder they say that animals are more loyal people. Loved one can leave friends and kindred turn away, but a pet will always be close, no matter what situation you find yourself!

The food
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