Dog show: preparing to attend

The first dog exhibition held in England in the mid-nineteenth century. Their main purpose was the promotion of the breeding of purebred dogs and promoting the best breeders. Today dog shows are held regularly, and preparing them for the seriousness and thoroughness not inferior to the preparations for the Olympic games.

You can have a beautiful purebred dog with a pedigree, but if she hasn’t participated in major exhibitions, for the breed she sort of doesn’t exist. The breeder is very important to puppies exhibited at the competition, because it gives you the opportunity to see how he justified his calculation and what qualities the puppy was taken from his parents. In addition, the exhibition is a great place to experience with different breeds of dogs. Here you can consult with experts and buy professional literature. How to make your pet a champion will tell you Womie.

Conditions for participation in the exhibition of dogs

The most important condition of participation in the exhibition is the presence of tribal documents, i.e., your dog must be a puppy dog or pedigree. Also, the dog must have exhibition condition:

  • the hair is clean and shiny;
  • ribs not visible, but the blade and upper arm palpation;
  • the stomach is picked up;
  • muscles relief, etc.

Sufficient exercise and proper nutrition are the key to success. Preparation for the exhibition — a serious matter, and 2-3 weeks is not enough. Such training is better to start several months before the show.

To take part in some show dogs, you need to declare in advance your participation and record of the dog. This can be done in several ways:

  • directly at the club, which is conducting the competition;
  • in the Federation;
  • email letter of guarantee.

How to prepare the dog for the exhibition

First you need to determine who will represent the dog in the exhibition. Such a person is called a handler. To move the dog in the ring, to show how it performs certain commands, to stand up — what could be easier! Actually it is not just any exhibition requires a lot of energy and nerves. Can you imagine a dog at the exhibition if they meet the following requirements:

  • the dog answers to you and in case of extraordinary situations you will easily be able to keep it a breakthrough;
  • good physical stamina, because the exhibition will have to spend the whole day.

If you are not confident in your own abilities, you can hire the services of a professional handler who works with the breed of your dog.

Before the show you need to teach the dog to behave in the ring. Trained dog will make a better impression than scared and rushing off the leash.

In addition to training careful attention must be paid to the preparation of the dogs ‘ appearance. In a week trim the pet’s nails, check the teeth condition. Special attention is paid to the preparation of wool. Ideally, grooming dogs need exercise from puppyhood.

For the success of the exhibition it is extremely important the right choice of ammunition. The collar should be of suitable width. Too wide, it will visually shorten the neck, and too narrow will make it implausible long. Do not use brand new collar, often paint the inner surfaces of the color coat.

A large dog at the exhibition have to go to the muzzle, the only exception is the ring. This condition must be respected by all means, even if you are 100% sure in friendliness of your dog.

The day to feed the dog not to be, but a long walk will be good for you. Take food and drink with you.

Pet feels the mood of the owner, so the day keep yourself confident and calm. If from the first the show your dog will get positive emotions, next time she will show herself better.

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