Cats-werewolves conquer the world. Meet lico

Love cats on the Internet has generated a lot of jokes on the enslavement of the Earth cats. They expect to conquer us through emotion. Now “Empire strikes again”. Social networks are wildly distributed photos of the new popular breed — cats-werewolves or licoes.

First these cats were born in 2010 from a breeder and a veterinarian from America John Gobble. Two kittens from a litter of ordinary shorthaired cats were very different from their counterparts. Kittens don’t have the fur around the eyes, there was no undercoat, and in General they looked straholyudny.

With the exception of specific hairline, the rest of the cats turned out to be surprisingly healthy. It has been suggested that the reason for this rare genetic mutation that only affects a hair. John Gobbi crossed their cats and they ushered in the new breed.

In 2012, TICA (the largest phenological Association in the world) has recognized these lovely beasts “registered breed” and gave them the name of lico (from the Greek Lykos “wolf”, for the resemblance). Kittens licoes on their appearance are obtained either charming, or terrible, with no intermediate options. Such is the plight of the werewolf.

Cat-Liko the content is quite unpretentious, and their owners say that he had received “two in one”, and a dog and a cat immediately. The werewolves turned friendly like dogs, and independent, like cats. (Of course, the dog genes in them and there is no trace).

Licoes all over the world now, there are only 54 copies, and they are bred only 7 breeders. The cost of one kitten starts from $ 2000, and they lined up for the next few years. Therefore, no matter how charming they may seem, it is only liking to be touched.

Well, to be terrified, as anyone lucky.

Photo: Instagram, Twitter

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