Cat’s Paradise. How the designer made the house comfortable for cats

When my friends bought a house in the village, they asked me to see what you can come up with to make life easier for their 7 cats. The most unusual job in design in my life.

In addition to the cats they have 3 dogs. And if the dogs is always good when the owners are around, cats need personal space. And preferably at the top.

Wide window sills have not forgotten.

We decided, what’s right to do for cats own separate level. So the idea of a “cat highway”, running through the house from the ceiling.

So the cats were free to wear around the house, I put pads for them on different levels, and “highway” have done with intervals.

In different areas of the house we placed the inputs on the upper level, so cats don’t feel trapped.

All the repairs took three months. And, judging by the contented fisionomia cats, the cat’s idea of heaven was quite successful.

Do not forget about kogtetochke in the form of trees.


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