Cat breed Munchkin

Munchkin – cats of this breed have a single unique distinguishing feature. Are cats with short legs. Munchkin are the result not of purposeful selective breeding, but rather of a spontaneous mutation. But let’s order: where and how did these cats, and what is this breed today.

Where did the Munchkin?
The ancestor of modern Munchkins is considered a short-legged stray kitty BlackBerry (Ezhevichka), which was found in American Louisiana in the early eighties of the last century. This black-and-white (already pregnant) cat picked up a compassionate Sandra Hochenedel, which found that short legs of a foundling – the result of a difficult childhood or some disease.

However, this amazing cat has been quite healthy and playful and brought the same healthy, but also korotkolapye offspring. These kittens and gave rise to a new breed that was officially recognized in the United States 1985. By the way the story of this family has a very happy continuation. One of the most short-legged kittens BlackBerry, cat Toulouse, went to live on a farm with a new owner, Kai Lafranca. Thanks to freestyle farm life, Toulouse has a very numerous posterity, which had extraordinary success, not only among the neighboring farmers, but then far beyond the borders of the state. So a stray cat BlackBerry and the farmer’s cat, Toulouse could be called the founders of the breed Munchkin cats with short legs.

Formally breed cat stubby was in the spring of 1991 at the exhibition of the International Association of owners of cats (TICA) in new York.

By the way:

  • Munchkin (the cat) got its name from a small fairy tale characters “Vashevnik of Oz F. Baum, known in Russian translation as “the Munchkins”;
  • animal advocates spoke out against this breed, considering that the breeders bring the cat’s health to fashion victim;
  • unusual-cat-Dachshund was known in Europe in the thirties of the 20th century, where they were called cat-a kangaroo;
  • legend has it that such short-legged cats were spotted in the defense of Stalingrad, and the front paws of Stalingrad cats was much shorter than the rear, which further strengthened their resemblance to a kangaroo;
  • there is mention of similar cats living in the vicinity of Sevastopol.

Probably the Second world war prevented to appear cat breed-korotkevic much earlier than it happened. Although the preconditions for this, apparently, was.

How did the Munchkin?
Korotkolapye well known in the world of Pets. In particular such popular dog breeds like dachshunds, Basset hounds and scatterer no surprise. However, in the world of cats, Mancini simply unique.

The reason for the appearance of such a distinctive feature as short legs is achondroplastic dwarfism (a genetic phenomenon). Actually this is not dwarfism as such. These toy breeds have a proportionally reduced part of the body (from head to tip of tail). If achondroplasia become shorter (and thicker) limbs only, and this occurs as a result of impaired growth of cartilage cells.

If the genotype of the cat is dominant gene achondroplasia, then it is possible the emergence of korotkolapye offspring. But if one of the parents-cat has short legs, the Munchkin kittens must be born.

What is a Munchkin?
Numerous medical studies have found that short legs do not interfere with mobility of cats and have virtually no effect on their viability. Although making changes in the usual behavior of cats. For example, if your normal cats stand on their hind legs to see something remote, Munchkin behave differently. In this case, they sit firmly on the “priest”, using the tail as a strong and convenient back up and his front paws dangling at your sides. This posture makes them really similar to the kangaroo.

Today Munchkin is a muscular cat korotkolapye cat with three varieties of this breed: standard, sverhsrochnoy, dwarf. In addition, all these cats can be either long-haired or short-haired type. Coat color in the breed standard allowed any. However, shorthaired Munchkins most popular variations of Siamese and patterned color, and among the long-haired smoky, silver and bicolor.

Among the features of the nature of the Munchkins is worth noting the intellectual ability, friendliness, sociability, curiosity. These cats love walking on the harness, easily get acquainted with new people and other Pets, sociable and gentle. The owners of the Munchkins celebrate their literally a dog’s devotion to his master, equanimity, love and playfulness. As a representative of an unusual cat breeds Munchkin will be a perfect companion, which combines loyalty and independence and so not like other cats.

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