As cats do charity work

This is an incredible story: a blind cat helps other animal to find a house, a sick cat donates money to shelters. Of course, they do, and their owners. Be inspired by this material and also do something good for our little brothers.

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Grumpy cat

The Internet Star

Age: 3 years

Location: Arizona (USA)

Start of career: in 2012 year, Bryan Bundesen posted a photo of a cat my sister TABATA, one of the us forums. The cat thanks to a very unusual muzzle became popular in the Network at one point. According to some, the Tartar Sauce (the original nickname of the cat) brought her mistress about $ 100 million. Now her face emblazoned on the covers of books and magazines, t-shirts and baseball caps, she filmed commercials cat food and even a real movie. Tamata, Bundsen, mistress star, quit her job as a waitress and is now engaged in mainly by the promotion of a new brand.

How to help: have Grumpy Cat is quite a serious disease, indeed its temper very sweet, and the muzzle is a consequence of this disease. Part of the profits from the advertising campaign and purchases falls into a special animal shelters in Arizona and in other States.

Where to see: on the covers of magazines and in the movies.

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