15 best dog breeds for children, for Allergy sufferers, small apartment

Plan to have a dog or want to find out if everything is done correctly, choosing a particular breed? We picked the best!


children: better not

Allergy: hypoallergenic breed (here and below means that the dog very rarely cause allergies)

the apartment: suitable for small apartment

This kid with rich bushy eyebrows, protruding lower lip, beard and head is suitable for people with a good sense of humor. Lap dog — the oldest bred small breeds. It was originally created to hunt vermin. It can not be kept together with cats, but those who lack the company it’s perfect.

What dog is best for children? The border Terrier

children: great with kids of any age

Allergy: hypoallergenic breed of dogs (it rarely causes allergic reactions)

the apartment: suitable for small apartment

Very affectionate, gentle, good dogs. Calm and balanced. Friends with Pets. Love talking and long walks.

Yorkshire Terrier

children: perfectly located, especially for girls

Allergy: the breed is hypoallergenic (it rarely causes allergic reactions)

the apartment: perfect for a small apartment (the dog tolerates travel, hotels, flights)

Yorkies are the most popular breed for many years. They are like living toys, which you can dress up and carry under his arm. They will give sea of tenderness and love to their owners. And, despite its miniature size, the Yorkie is a smart dog. 6 reasons to get a dog.


children: dogs are very fond of children

Allergy: the breed is not suitable for those who suffer from allergies

apartment: best breed of dog for apartment (room dog, easily transfers travel).

Ideal dog for the home. Unpretentious, easily adapts to change and does not need constant training (basic commands the dog is able to absorb in 5 months). Very docile and one of the smartest breeds of dogs. But with a hairstyle similar to a Teddy bear.

Shih Tzu

children: best dogs for children

allergies: breed is not suitable for those who suffer from allergies, but does not have the characteristic dog odor

the apartment: suitable for small apartment

Cheerful optimists, defenders and true friends, who love to play. They will become the perfect companion for those who lack communication and good company for children and teenagers. Also suitable for life in a large family. Shih Tzu, however, it is important to bring up, otherwise the dog will grow wayward, it will be difficult to control. The dog is easy to train and quickly learns to perform the command.

Bichon Frise

children: I have contact with children

allergies: hypoallergenic dog (almost do not shed and do not smell)

the apartment: suitable for small apartment

White snow ball, fun and playful. The Bichon savvy, flexible and fearless. They do not tolerate rudeness and punishment, they need to be patient. After all, dogs are not aggressive, but rather very sweet and tender. The dogs like to get a haircut and take pictures, even know how to smile!

The Coton de Tulear

children: very good relationship with the children

allergies: breed does not shed, so it can keep people who are inclined to allergies to wool

the apartment: perfect for a small apartment

The Coton de Tulear were taken with the aim to create the perfect dog, friend and companion. And its main features — good nature, playfulness, friendliness. The dog is very much attached to its owner and his family. This is an extremely intelligent animal, the dog is so sociable that he is ready to spend her time differently, just to be with their owners.


children: very good relationship with the children

Allergy: the dog is rarely cause allergies

the apartment: perfect for a small apartment

A small and fragile dog loves to chat, to sit on your hands and snuggle. She does not have a seasonal moult, and almost no smell of skunk. Dogs with great enthusiasm perceive the presence of small children, other dogs and even cats, especially if she was raised with them. However, playing with a baby should look, because the dog is very nimble, and some games can end in a trauma. She would never do anything bad, but the child may accidentally hurt her.


children: loves children

allergies: wool Allergy does not happen

the apartment: perfect for a small apartment

It is the smallest dog in the world, so faithful to his master, which sometimes is jealous of his to all the rest. However, Chihuahua is not evil, and not Intrusive, adore your household, including children, and are willing to suffer from them, anything. But to others wary. Chihuahuas are smart and careful, have a wonderful memory. Get along well with cats and other breeds of dogs, however, often become leaders, despite its miniature size.


children: not recommended for small children

Allergy: leads the list of dogs that do not cause allergies

the apartment: perfect for a small apartment, but needs frequent walks

The breed is energetic, independent and intelligent nature. Between the dog and the owner quickly formed a close emotional bond, and often the owner and the dog become fast friends. But to strangers, the Basenji suspicious and unfriendly, other Pets don’t either. The dog is very interesting and unusual. So, one of the features is that a Basenji can’t bark, but only makes a gurgling sound, if you don’t like something. Small size, no smell, drop-down wool and barking — its advantages over other breeds. Some Basenji can sing!

Petit Brabancon (Griffon)

children: love

allergic: rarely causes Allergy

the apartment: perfect for a small apartment, you can teach to the diaper, and skip the walk

Funny dog with cute face, rich and expressive facial expressions, good-natured and playful nature. Easy to get along with other animals including cats. Love to play and kiss. They are very attached to the owner, so they can not be permanently left alone. Think of barabanshikov obedient, easy to train intellectuals who understand perfectly the mood and tone of the host.

The cavalier king Charles Spaniel

children: I have contact

allergies: not suitable for Allergy sufferers

the apartment: perfect for a small apartment

The Cavaliers have a character kind, shy and soft. They are affectionate, docile and easily trainable, understand everything perfectly and don’t like aggression. They try like all others and is quite calm, patient and playful, so will fit well in a big family.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke and cardigan

children: loves children

allergies: not suitable for people with allergies

apartment even a small apartment feel quite comfortable

The oldest herding dog, which is generally not characteristic of aggression. Therefore, it should not be shouting, and we should treat her with respect as she is to you. Welsh corgis are very smart, have a sense of humor, great intelligence and even intuition. They do not bother the owners at the wrong time. Feel the tone and mood, very considerate and patient.

Jack Russell Terrier

children: not suitable for kids, but loves to play with older children, suitable for boys

allergies: not suitable for people with allergies

the apartment: suitable for small apartment

It’s a dog on batteries that will never let you get bored. They are always ready to play and run around, but at home behave calmly. Dogs are attentive and smart, cunning and inquisitive. Jack Russell doesn’t like strangers. He will protect you and walk in the apartment, but not aggressive, but rather very active. Jack makes a good watchdog despite its small size. Also, the dog can’t resist small animals, rodents and cats. They are prey. And, of course, the most fascinating feature of the breed is the ability to stand on their hind legs, begging for treats or apologizing for antics.


children: love kids

allergies: not suitable for people with allergies

apartment: feel good and in a small apartment

Charming, funny and touching love pugs and children, and the elderly. Always ready to play, to participate in all family activities and sleep and eat. Pugs, however, often snore and do not tolerate the heat, but they are able to give a lot of emotion and true love. Dogs are generally not aggressive, their intelligence is well developed, quite docile and get along well with all the inhabitants of the house. By the way, pugs tend to accumulate in the apartment. Where got one, very often there is a second, and then a third.

Labrador Retriever

children: no one loves children like Labradors

allergies: not suitable for people with allergies

the apartment: large breed, but in a small apartment feels comfortable

They are real beauties, very smart and loyal. Labradors are optimists, enjoy every minute, infecting everyone around with positive emotions. They can lift your mood and support you in your tough days. The dog is very sincere, not aggressive, so they will perfectly fit a family of any composition.

French bulldog

children: love kids

allergies: not suitable for people with allergies

apartment: feel good in a small apartment

Affectionate bulldog love to play pranks and race cats. They love kids, in which not a drop of anger and aggression. The French, like the pug, snoring and feeling bad in the heat, but they are so adorable that they can be forgiven for any shortcomings.

Photo: Fotodom, fotoimedia / Ingram

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